Eyes Like The Lighthouses When The Boats Come Home

I had read Dane's debut novella No Rest For The Wicked and had liked it. So I picked up this collection of poems with a hope to read wonderful poetry. Sadly, I was disappointed.

For me, poetry in any form is worth its salt if it succeeds in stirring up emotions within me. This anthology had no such effect on me. It was the language used that kind of put me off. It had loads of abuses. Agreed, as a modern day performance, such usage was in demand. But for me, poetry means a beautiful message or piece of writing I can convey to my children. Poetry is like a chant that you keep repeating to yourself over and over again depending on the mood it is supposed to convey.

Dane's selected poems were supposedly performed at various stages. In this context, yes, maybe when they are read aloud they sound better. But while reading them silently trying to savour every single word, they never succeeded in touching my heart. Sorry about that Dane.

To sum up, the poet has put his heart and soul in this collection. Hence, it is worth reading for his sake. Maybe if he had called it by any other name, like Stand Up perfomances or something, the effect would have been different.

P.S - Sorry again Dane. Being an ardent fan of poets like Frost, Hardy, Sarojini Naidu, Tagore, Ogden Nash and the like I gave an honest opinion. I respect your courage to pen down your performances and hope the next collection succeeds in changing my views.

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