Parents Survival Guide To Online Safety

If I have to recommend one guide book for parents to follow to the 'T', then it would be this.

Jesse has practically covered all aspects that can possibly covered for protecting your child Writing a guide book for parents of technologically advanced children is not easy. If you are ignorant about the rampant threats lurking in the cyber world then you are definitely putting your children at risk. This book is a one stop solution to protecting your child online without compromising on the immense constructive potential that the cyberspace has. There are highlighted red flags, there are suggested measures to counter and the best part is that they are all executable.

The language used is simple. Hence even if a person without basic education in computers picks this up, he or she will be able to understand with ease. No jargins have been used and that is a high point of this guide book. There are specific issues that have been discussed. Cyber bullying and online predators have been paid attention to and measures have been laid out along with structured plans. For any reader of such a non-fiction, he or she needs to be convinced how do-able the concept being proposed is. Kudos to the writer for not only bringing out every aspect in a detailed manner, apt examples have been used for the same as well.

Non-fiction writing requires concerted efforts and dedication on the part of the writer. This guide book is just that, a perfect guide for parents to ensure online safety of their children. Being a mother of two, I loved the clarity of thoughts and the actionable points that have been covered. The topic is pertinent to the modern world because world wide web is here to stay. It will only increase in importance with advancement in digital devices. Hence, the fact that this guide has been able to convey to the readers, without being preachy, that staying safe in the virtual world is as important as it is in the real world. This book is a blessing in disguise since it assures a parent that online safety is possible. The measures outlined are easy to follow too. Here is the link to Parents Online Guide at Kidguard

To sum up, reading this book has changed my entire approach to surviving online safety nightmares I used to have earlier. It is a definite must-read if you are a parent worried about your children in the virtual world like me. It is excellently penned and amazing to follow. Trust me, whenever you find your kids or teens hooked on to the virtual world, this is one book you will keep referring to time and again.

P.S - Thank you Jesse for an excellent guide book. The opinions I expressed are my honest views. I definitely got inspired and have adopted the online safety measures for my children. How about you dear readers?

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