How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive

This book is a perfect example of how not to judge a book by its title or cover. The title did intrigue me and the blurb left me wanting to know more. And so I began.

I must admit that this book never let me take a break in between. It is not a cliched story and is very different. The story revolves around a father of two nine year old daughters and his family. It is about the adventures they encounter on their vacation. Why somebody would choose exploring caves in search of hidden treasures on a vacation adds to the intrigue. 

Michael has a great sense of humour and he add oodles of it to the story. The dialogues are quirky and situations described can make you cringe. The imageries are definitely vibrant and as you read you will get a feeling that you are one of the chasers running behind a crazy man and his family. On a serious note, there are situations that have been lightly projected or stated in a humourous way. But then, you cannot be always serious in life right? It is evident that a lot of research has gone into the storyline. The descriptions let you explore the caves within the confines of your reading space.

The protagonists and antagonists are well-defined. They have their own whims and fancies and may appear to be a bit exaggerated. Yet, what is humour without a bit of exaggeration. I loved the trials and tribulations of the major characters.

To sum up, if you are in search of a story that can both shock you and surprise you and at the same time leave you feeling happy, this is the go-to book. The storyline is full of humour with a subtle moral that everything in life doesnt turn out to be as planned or as per our expections. Sometimes it is good to look beyond and oversee the superficial scene. An amazing and excellent read. By the way, this book is the third in a series of tetralogy and is capable of being an independent read as well.

P.S - Thank you Michael for an amazing story in exchange of an honest review. The views are mine and am looking forward to reading the rest of the tetralogy.

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