If I create a list of books that are going to stay with me for life, then Aaru is definitely one of them.

The pain of losing a dear one and the pangs of separation are something which cannot be easily expressed. Ask anybody who has seen death of a loved one, the instant reply would be "wish I could meet him or her for one last time". The trauma, the scar remain for life.

Aaru deals with the concept of uniting people on earth with their loved one through the virtual world. For further details you need to read the story. Trust me as I say, the concept is way too different than what most fantasy world stories are made of. In fact, this story beautifully combines fantasy with reality using technology.

David has an amazing style of writing. His narration tugs at your heart and makes you emote alongside as you read the story. There is pain, conflict, love and most importantly, hope. The language is simple yet it hits you hard in the sense, you will be thinking about this story long after you have completed it. The flow of narration was smooth with no breaks between scenes. The beauty in David's writing is that it stays with you. The imageries are as real as the real world.

Though the story predominantly belongs to Rose. However, I must admit, every character had a distinctive role to play. Even the antagonist was so well-etched that it was easy to relate to him in the real world. The characters were as real to real individuals. They had their emotions, their imperfections and contributed to the storyline.

To sum up, the story is a must read. I read it in one session and will read it again and again. In fact, if you have lost hope, got separated from a loved one, then this story is for you. There is a message of hope. The story is even more interesting because of the unconventional concept it revolves around. The best part is that there is a cliffhanger at the end and I sincerely hope there is a sequel. An amazingly awesome book and a definite must-read.

P.S - David I am so grateful for your awesome story. Thank you for sharing it with me. The opinions expressed are my honest views after reading the story. I really wish we had an Aaru in real life as well.

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