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10 Steps For Dealing With Jealousy

Relationships are built over the foundations of trust and love. Yet, there is one green-eyed monster which can creep in without people being aware.

When I picked this book for reading I was a bit skeptical. I didn't want to end up with a book that was similar to others available in the market. And I am so glad to accept that this book has indeed been a wonderful learning tool for me; one that I can use in my life.

Jealousy has marred many relationships. Everybody knows the ill-effects. However, what makes this book  a sought after one is the fact that it is filled with practical tips. Victoria has beautifully meted out practical tips which can be implemented in our daily lives. The 10 steps are easy to adapt and adhere to when jealousy is identified or even otherwise. Spelling them out will be like spoilers.

The language is very simple and easy to understand. The writing style is not based on giving a lecture or dictating, instead, it is just like a pep talk given by a knowledgea…

Corruption Of Power

Power corrupts, but having to cope up amidst corruption of power, is definitely not a happy place to be in.

Corruption of Power is the second book in the Leskin series. I haven't read the first one, but now, would definitely look it up. The plot is interesting. It is an out and out political thriller set in Russia.
The story addresses the impact of corruption and corrupt practises on political aspirations. It talks of oligarchs and privatization practices. George has ensured that the facts highlighted are right and hence, has used his experiences aptly in this fictional narration.

George has a way with words. Though initially, it may take a while to get used to the names and terms, yet, the story doesnt lose its flavour. He brings out the factors affecting the present political scenario in Europe and Asia, but in a manner that does not hurt anybody's sentiments. He has also subtly hinted at how the world might change in the future thanks to depleting resources. And yes, as ci…



Right Or Almost Right

Network marketing is a field that many people are still wary about. John's book helps the reader find out whether he or  she is right or almost right in this area.

The book brings out the details involved in network marketing and how one can go about it. The concepts of striving hard towards reaching one's goal, staying focused and working hard everyday, are  somethings that can be  practised in daily life.

John  uses simple language and loads of personal example. This helps erase doubts even if  one is a bit skeptical. Practical tips on how to go about thngs, how to motivate people down the line, are stuff  which are rattled out by management schools, but through the writings of a man from a humble backdrop, it is definitely inspiring.

Network marketing also needs the same dedication that a regular job needs. The choice is totally up to the reader. John's story is definitely inspirational in this context.n that a regular job needs. The choice is totally up to the reader.…

My $25,000 Advice On Time Management: John Haremza

Time-Management Is A Fundamental
Key To Success And Accomplishing Daily Goals.

A great way to effectively manage your time and prioritize tasks is to start your day by writing down all that you wish to accomplish, in order of importance. If you put your day on paper before it starts, it will be like taking a ton of bricks off of your back. It will eliminate that overwhelming feeling that comes from being disorganized. This is especially true if you’re working part-time.

I’ve been told by so many people that they spend a lot of time building their businesses. When I ask them what they’re doing, it turns out that they’re actually spending most of their days doing what I call “no-pay-time” activities. Know the difference between no-pay-time and pay-time.


Focus on pay-time activities. You get paid for talking to people who are not using your products. Nothing is more important than prioritizing pay-time. The biggest mistake network marketers make in how they spend their time is t…

Piggy Sense! Save It For A Rainy Day

I came across this book when I was desperately looking for something (in fact anything!!!) that could help me explain the importance of money to my kids. Trust me, this book is a blessing in disguise for desperate parents.

The concept is very simple. The story is about a little boy who tries driving some "piggy sense" into the minds of readers through his experiences. However, what stands apart is that inspite of its strong  message, the content is not at all heavy for kids to comprehend. Also, though the currency may be different in different countries, still, any parent can use the compare-contrast method to teach.

Reed has used rhyming words to add a lyrical touch to the narration. Language is very simple, yet apt. The best part is that they compliment the illustrations which are very eye-catching. This book will hold attention of kids who can read as well as those who cannot.

On a personal note, I must add that when I read this book for the first time, I decided to shar…

Partially Broken Never Destroyed II: Mirror Mirror

I read this without reading the first book, however, this book has its own story to tell. Hence, I guess, I haven't missed much  by not reading the first one.

The story is about Kayla, a young, divorced, single mother. She can symbolise all women, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race, country and language, who wish to live life according  to their own terms.

The plot is simple, yet, it is unlike any routine romance. There are twists and turns that enhance the storyline.

All characters are as real aas they can be. You can meet them in daily life. The flaws, qualities, emotions, are those which are exhibited by real people. The best part is, nobody is perfect in this story.

Nataisha has a beautiful writing style. There are abuses thrown in here and there,  the story has its share of adult content as well, yet, they do not overpower the storyline. Reading the story was like watching a hollywood production.

To sum up, this story gave me a feeling that that one can be partiall…

Framed And Burning

I read this book before I read the first one in the series. And I loved every bit of it. It took me three sittings to complete my reading. No, it was definitely not because of the content, but due to my personal commitments. However, I sure will read it once again (even more) as and when I get the opportunity.

The plot is enthralling and disturbing at the same time. The concept of dreamslippers is something I have never heard of, and after reading this book, I definitely want to read up more on them. Also, the fact that Lisa addresses a vital issue to send across a strong message is commendable.

Lisa's writing style not only succeeds in vividly describing each scene, the tone at which narration is executed is strong enough to keep a reader glued to the book. She has integrated the evils of child pornography in her narration. And this is one issue which needs constant focus.

Children are innocent but, thanks to a few perverts, this innocence is exploited. Using their pictures, pae…

Krishna's Challenge: Jagmohan Bhanver

We’ve all heard this theory endless times, that one act of kindness can make a man happy who will in turn set upon a chain of kind acts, creating a domino effect and making the world a more bearable place to live in for those people directly and indirectly affected by it. The Krishna Challenge has its genesis in this very theory, however, this time, the challenge urges people to act on it and spread the word about it, which will motivate people to act out of the purity of their hearts, to make life better for people, without expecting anything in return. The second part of the challenge urges the participants to tag or nominate people to take part, which will increasing the circle of influence and encourage people to bring joy, warmth, relief in the life of those they come in contact with, thereby enhancing the quality of life in their eco system.

This challenge is more relevant today, more than ever, as we wake up to news of lynching, bombing and killings on an everyday basis and anot…

Serendipity: Jagmohan Bhanver

It was fun chatting up with Author Jagmohan Bhanver. Here are the snippets from our rendezvous with this awesome writer.

GR:What description will fit you in real life?
JB:I come from an Army family where travel and postings in different cities was rather common. While it meant that one was uprooted from one’s surrounding every now and then, it taught me to make friends wherever we went. And it taught a very important lesson, early on in life. Everything in life is transient! Friends change, your environment changes. Schools and the place you call home also change. What remains is the experiences you gain every day; and the person you become because of those experiences.

I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature by staying in places like Shillong and Dehradun. And I am grateful for the experience gleaned from staying in fast moving places like Mumbai and Delhi. Everywhere you go, people are the same. Their inherent drivers do not change. They will love you if you love them and they…

Serendipity: George Eccles

We had an opportunity to meet George W Eccles who has worked as an Advisor to a number of Oligarchs during his stint in Russia. Here is a glimpse of our serendipity with him as a successful writer.

GR: What description will fit you in real life?
GE: To start with the raw facts, I was born, and started my working life, in London. I read law at the LSE, then went on to become a partner in one of the major financial services and consulting firms. In 1994 I started to work abroad, first in Russia and then in Central Asia, and when I returned to my home in France ten years later, I became a non-executive director of a couple of listed companies that had operations in Russia and Kazakhstan. I self-published my first book, The Oligarch, the first in what I hoped to be a Leksin thriller series, in 2012, and Peach Publishing have just published my second, Corruption of Power.

What description fits me? Well, I hope I’ve now made the transition from ‘financial executive’ to ‘author’, but that will …