10 Steps For Dealing With Jealousy

Relationships are built over the foundations of trust and love. Yet, there is one green-eyed monster which can creep in without people being aware.

When I picked this book for reading I was a bit skeptical. I didn't want to end up with a book that was similar to others available in the market. And I am so glad to accept that this book has indeed been a wonderful learning tool for me; one that I can use in my life.

Jealousy has marred many relationships. Everybody knows the ill-effects. However, what makes this book  a sought after one is the fact that it is filled with practical tips. Victoria has beautifully meted out practical tips which can be implemented in our daily lives. The 10 steps are easy to adapt and adhere to when jealousy is identified or even otherwise. Spelling them out will be like spoilers.

The language is very simple and easy to understand. The writing style is not based on giving a lecture or dictating, instead, it is just like a pep talk given by a knowledgeable friend. Also, Victoria has used examples which anybody can relate to irrespective of the caste, region, religion or country. The high point of this book is the way the concept of handling jealousy for successful relationships has been emphasized.

To sum up, this book is a must-read for everyone who have a relationship and want to make it stronger. And in case, the green eyed monster enters and cracks develop in your world, this book is sure to heal it all.

P.S - I loved Victoria's style of addressing a topic so relevant!!!

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