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Hi there awesome Authors, Writers, Poets!!!

We are a mother daughters trio who love reading. As ardent fans of books and being avid readers, we know book reviews help to challenge reading habits and explore new genres.

The review policy and guideline for submission is simple:-

Review Policy:   

With a love for reading, the reviews are nothing but the imprint your writing leaves on our hearts and minds. If a book gets us hooked onto it, we end up reading it non-stop.

A few genres are a No-no, not because they are a taboo, but because they are our handicap. These include anything to do with pure medical sciences, computer textbooks, erotica, and other similar genres.

Our comfort zones are as Mystery, thriller, romance, fiction, relationship, and the like. Genres from Paranormal, psychology, thrillers, fiction, cookbooks, literature, education, children, mystery, adventure, biography, memoir, autobiography, romance, and other similar genres are also welcome.

In fact, other than those mentioned as our handicap, you will find us open to read anything under the sun, in English and Hindi.

Pdf and doc versions along with print are fine. In case you want us to read on kindle, send the link. In case that doesn't work for some reason, its back to the good old pdf/doc/print.

You can email your work as pdf or doc (and yes, be rest assured, your work is yours alone because copyright is respected).Please mail at and we will get back to you.

Please write 'Review- Title of your book' in the subject. Do specify the genre, a brief synopsis/blurb of your writing, along with the details of the edition you want us to review. In case of print, your mail will be responded with an address.

P.S- The review is always an honest opinion. No money is charged for reviewing stories. Hence, if there is a delay in review, it means our professional or personal life is keeping us busy. That is the reason for being slow with reviews.

Rating Policy

It is a 5 star rating scale. The star rating is as follows and we sincerely hope we do not get to rate a book 2 stars or less.

Excellent and Amazing

This means that the book is simply, absolutely unputdownable and an outright bestseller for us. Worth reading again and again and again.

Superb and Heart Touching

This means that the book is as good as a bestseller, but for a wee bit of hitches here and there. Worth reading at least twice.

Really Good and Very Likeable 

This means that the book is definitely readable. If the glitches are addressed, the book ratings would definitely improve. Worth reading at least once.

This means that the book is readable only for the fact that the author has put his/her heart or soul into it. Worth reading for the sake of the author.

Not My Kind

This means that the book did not appeal to the reading sensibilities. Maybe, another reviewer would have a different opinion.

Reviews will be posted on this blog, Facebook Page , Twitter Handle, IndiBlogger Review Page Amazon India, Goodreads, Pinterest Pin BoardTumblr PageLinkedInInstagram Bookstagram and any other site where your book/ ebook is published. We also have started audio reviews. We use Podbean and SoundCloud for our podcasts. Earlier reviews were posted on Amazon USA but with changes in community guidelines the reviews will now be posted on Amazon India.

There are days when two books get completed per day. There are also days, when one book a day is barely managed. However, once you are sent a confirmation mail on accepting to read, trust that it will be read and reviewed no matter what comes the way. That is a Lady's promise (Yes unless the network is bad, mails are responded ASAP!)

And yes, we DO NOT charge any money for our reviews. We DO NOT expect any likes to our social media sites as well (though it would be lovely if you do!!!).  It is reiterated, that our reviews reflect our honest thoughts after reading your book.

Guest Posts:

There is so much to get inspired from in so many people! Here writeups and contributions from anyone with a flair for writing are featured. So guest posts are more than welcome.

Posts that leave a positive imprint in the minds of readers and optimism in the hearts of readers will be featured. Please mail at

Write 'Guest Post - Title of your writing' as the subject. Give details like topic of your writing, your inspiration in writing it, and dedications if any. Attach a pdf or doc verion of your writing. And yes, once again it is reiterated copyrights are respected, so be rest assured your writing is yours alone.

The guest post will be featured on the blog with a link posted on Facebook Page , Twitter HandleIndiBlogger Review Page Amazon IndiaGoodreadsPinterest Pin BoardTumblr PageLinkedInInstagram Bookstagram and thereafter it will remain archived in the blog for readers to read with a click under Guest Post Page.


In case you are an Author or Writer, Blogger and/or Reviewer ,and wish to be featured via an interview, please mail at, write 'Interview- Your Name' as the subject. We will mail you our questionnaire. Your interview will be featured in this blog with a link on Facebook Page , Twitter HandleIndiBlogger Review Page Amazon IndiaGoodreadsPinterest Pin BoardTumblr PageLinkedInInstagram Bookstagram. Thereafter, it will be available for readers under the Interview page.

Looking forward to reading your writings.

Warmest regards,
Reading Writings Team


  1. Hi guys. I want to thank you for your honest review of my novel, The Deified (sorry it took a while to respond). I sincerely appreciate honest feedback and I actually agree with you- I had some doubts about the time/setting shifts myself. Just letting you know, thete IS going to be a part two! I'm working on it at the moment and it is set five years after the events of the Renaissance Pyre, because I also thought the story would work better as a trilogy. Thanks again for your honesty. :)

  2. Lakshmi lyer,
    Would you be interested in reviewing my dog rescue memoir entitled Lance: A Spirit Unbroken? At you can get a feel for the story and my writing.
    Thank you.
    Walter Stoffel

    1. Dear Walter,

      My apologies. I was busy at work. Would love to read and review. Please mail a pdf at

      Warmest regards

  3. Please advise me of any response. Thank you.

  4. I just published my novel, Homicide and Vine. I was a sitcom writer in the '80's, and I've written a black comedy about comedy writing, a satirical, behind the scenes look at the 67th worst show on tv struggling to right the ship. I'm looking for reviews. I can send a pdf. Please let me know. Thanks! And Happy Halloween!

  5. Hello Lakshmi lyer,

    My name is Ian (I. D.) Brannan. I have a booklet that contains a 50 stanza poem that I would love to have read and reviewed by you. If you are interested, I can send you a pdf.

    Thank you,

    I. D. Brannan

  6. Hi there, would you be interested in reviewing my history book 'The Origins of the CWS'? I can send you a PDF file.

    Yours kindly,
    Timothy Quill-Manley

  7. Kindly requesting your review for my book The Provenance.

    All his life, Almon knew, the Plum-Kilmer family had been haunted by spirits of the dead. For over 250 years, the ghost had cursed his family, but not Almon. Thinking the curse had finally run its course and may have skipped him. when the ghost finally does come to him, it strains his sanity. Unprepared, in growing madness, he is driven to the mountains. There, the ghost waits for him, either trying to save him or lead him to his doom.
    This is the story of the Provenance, the Origin of Gods, Ghosts, and Demons who created an imperfect world. The story of forbidden knowledge, of unseen forces designed to stay hidden from mortals. If you continue, be warned, they know when they are being observed, and powerful enough to curse those foolhardy enough to be the observers.


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