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Is Life a Question or a Question Answered?

Is Life a Question or a Question Answered? by R. Breuer Stearns What a thought provoking query!  For me, life is a cosmic question and a highly personal question answered. Said differently, the question "Why life?" seems currently unanswerable from a scientific perspective and answerable with some or much doubt, depending on how willing you are to inject Faith into your reasoning. Life, the purpose and meaning of life in the cosmic philosophical sense is unfathomable to me. However, life, in a personal sense, is a question answered ... indeed, a highly individualized question answered. I imagine my own life as an existence/adventure that presents a stream of alternatives, questions, and decisions. How an individual anticipates and responds to these various paths determines the course of that individual's life, thereby answering the question, "What is my life?"  Note that this "what" question is much narrower than the "why" question. In m

Beyond Death

Death has always been a much contemplated subject and writing about life after death without being preachy is a herculean task. But Deb pulled it off brilliantly. Told through the eyes of a young girl whose life's dreams are shattered, this book revolves around coming to term with realities and moving on. Yes, if you believe that souls never die, then it is also important to learn to let go. I wish I could say more about the plot but the narrative is so gripping that even a bit of disclosure would act as spoilers. Deb writes straight from the heart. You can feel the emotions as you read about them. The language is simple and yet has a charm if its own to keep you engrossed. As you keep turning the pages you will feel varied emitions capturing your heart and soul. The narrative is descriptive but puts across the point or the essence without too much of flowery language. There are loads of twists and turns but each one has been well depicted and adds on to the plot at