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The Woman Behind The Waterfall

A fantasy which was a lyrical note to my ears, yet sadly, there was something amiss. The story revolves around three people and their world of fantasy. For the what, who, where, why and how, you need to read the story. However, if my words really don't make sense it is because the story still has parts that I am yet to truly understand. I sincerely trued reading it the second time but still I could not comprehend. I must compliment Leonora. The language is poetry in prose. The choice of words, the descriptions, make for a lyrical read. Yet, what actually became a negative was basically, the descriptions. I felt that there were places where simple language would have made it easier to understand the storyline. Maybe, descriptions overshadowed the essence being conveyed. Notwithstanding that, the book was full of imageries and if focus is shifted onto the beauty in the writings, the imageries would make up for the flaws. The characters created definitely added on to the

Book Blast: The Immortality Trigger

~ The Immortality Trigger by Douglas Misquita ~ a Luc Fortesque adventure thriller 1945  Allied paratroopers raid a secret Nazi research facility. The operation is reported as a success. But, the lone survivor, Benjamin Ezra, knows otherwise.  2014  A drug lord, El Fantasma threatens to plunge Colombia into an era of bloody drug wars. DEA Country Attaché, Zachary Mason is in charge of a covert operation to remove El Fantasma, with the help of a vigilante, El Angel, and a retired undercover agent, Raymond Garrett.  In Naples, INTERPOL agent, Sabina Wytchoff, is investigating the death of her parents, when the Wytchoff family’s association with an ancient cabal comes under investigation.  After the events of The Apocalypse Trigger, Luc Fortesque, is scouring the world for the man who tested experimental drugs on him.  Wei Ling works for a shadow Transhumanist faction within China’s State Council, developing drugs that will enhance human longevity.  Thei

Publishing the First Novel: Author Leonora Meriel

Publishing: Its Not How You Imagine It “Publishing” today is a universe away from what it once was. Even just a few years ago, to be a “published author” meant to have been paid a fat advance by a Big 5 publishing company and to have a contract for a 3 book deal and your novels in the bookshops. Nowadays, you have to distinguish between “trade / traditional / trad published” (by a publishing company); “self-published” (entirely yourself); “indie-published” (either yourself or by a small independent press) or “hybrid” which is a combination of any of the previous options. And I’m sure there will be more variations added in the coming months and years. As the author of literary fiction novels, I started out down the “trad” route, looking for an agent and a traditional publisher. I found the agent, but my first book didn’t sell, and so I explored the “indie” option of publishing my work on my own. This world seemed so exciting and explosive that, by the time I had completed my seco

Lost Coast Rocket

This story never ceased to surprise me. Every time I made presumptions about what would happen next, I was proved wrong. The plot revolves around a boy, his friends and a rocket launch. The story follows the protagonist from his childhood till the former reaches the climax. For the what, how and why you need to read this excellent book. The best feature of the story was the language. Anything and everything mentioned about rockets were so simple that people like me, with no scientific background, could also comprehend what exactly was happening. The descriptions used in the narrative were amazing. They enhanced the beauty of that particular scene without exaggerating or underplaying the person or situation being described. The story was filled with varied imageries and I only hope that this story does get made into a motion picture. The narration was perfectly smooth without any jerks. Kudos to Joel for an excellent narrative. The characters were truly convincing. In fact, i

Shorts: House On The Forgotten Coast

Like a monarch surveying her domain, the house has stood for over a hundred years in the fishing village of Apalachicola on Florida’s northwest coast. She has known life. She has known passionate love. She has known brutal death. But she has guarded her secrets well . . . Then eighteen-year-old Elise Foster and her parents arrive from Atlanta in their silver Jaguar, bringing with them their own secrets and desires. Seeking friendship in their new community, they find instead that the townspeople resent their intrusion. But this intrusion on the house’s privacy also provides a pathway for the past and the present to merge—and for the truth behind an unsolved murder to finally be brought to light. As you strive to solve the mystery, you and the Fosters are forced to address two critical questions:  What is real? What is delusion? About the Author: Ruth Coe Chambers  takes pride in her Florida panhandle roots, and her hometown of Port St. Joe has inspired much of her writing. She

Around The World In 80 Tales

Its three days into the new year and what better way than to review a book that awakens the wanderer in me. This book is filled with bite sized stories that are real-life experiences of the author himself. The stories revolve around a unique aspect of a particular place the author has visited. This personal touch is what differentiates this anthology from a travelogue. Dave narrates his experiences straight from his heart. Yes, his writing style is unique and thats precisely the reason why these stories are narrated in storyform rather than an autobiography. His writings do evoke imageries and in order to emphasise better he has made exotic use of photographs. On a lighter note, if you have heard of Food Porn, then these pictures can be categorised as Travel Porn. They are absolutely stunning and you could drool over them for long. The real characters or protagonists are the exotic places that Dave visits and describes about. I must say that the descriptions are so vivid tha