The Woman Behind The Waterfall

A fantasy which was a lyrical note to my ears, yet sadly, there was something amiss.

The story revolves around three people and their world of fantasy. For the what, who, where, why and how, you need to read the story. However, if my words really don't make sense it is because the story still has parts that I am yet to truly understand. I sincerely trued reading it the second time but still I could not comprehend.

I must compliment Leonora. The language is poetry in prose. The choice of words, the descriptions, make for a lyrical read. Yet, what actually became a negative was basically, the descriptions. I felt that there were places where simple language would have made it easier to understand the storyline. Maybe, descriptions overshadowed the essence being conveyed. Notwithstanding that, the book was full of imageries and if focus is shifted onto the beauty in the writings, the imageries would make up for the flaws.

The characters created definitely added on to the story's magical, mystical, poetic flavour. They did have their imperfections, emoted but whether they could exist in reality is something I do doubt.

I do agree that each one of us has that side to our persona which loves to force us to indulge in fantasies. Then there is another side which wishes to indulge in a world of fantasies, running away from reality at times. It is somethin akin to the Parent-Child-Adult state all existing simultaneously in a person.

To sum up, this story is really likeable and readable. If you are interested in fantasy and magic and would not mind if the storyline wavers a bit, then this is just for you. You can try reading it once for, according to me, the real woman behind the waterfall is the beautiful language and the brilliant use of descriptive words.

P.S - Thank you Bookr3vi3w Tours. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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