Lost Coast Rocket

This story never ceased to surprise me. Every time I made presumptions about what would happen next, I was proved wrong.

The plot revolves around a boy, his friends and a rocket launch. The story follows the protagonist from his childhood till the former reaches the climax. For the what, how and why you need to read this excellent book.

The best feature of the story was the language. Anything and everything mentioned about rockets were so simple that people like me, with no scientific background, could also comprehend what exactly was happening. The descriptions used in the narrative were amazing. They enhanced the beauty of that particular scene without exaggerating or underplaying the person or situation being described. The story was filled with varied imageries and I only hope that this story does get made into a motion picture. The narration was perfectly smooth without any jerks. Kudos to Joel for an excellent narrative.

The characters were truly convincing. In fact, it is possible to meet many of them in real life. They were not perfect or plastic but resembled real individuals with identity of their own, expressing emotions vital to the storyline.

To be honest, this book helped me strengthen my belief that stories help you understand human behaviour. And people are not always what they seem. Just as books should not be judged by their cover, even people should not be taken at face value. People are not always what they seem, hence it is very important to try and put ourselves in their shoes before jumping into conclusions. So many relationships end because of thoughts like "what if" "but" "and" or "maybe".

To sum up, this story is a definite must read since the storyline is apt, the theme focused upon is gripping, and  characters are really well-etched. There is a cliffhanger in the end so I really hope there is a sequel to this story. Do read this even if you are not a science buff. This story is a great start to a magical adventure on a rocket alongside its ups and downs all inside your mind.

P.S -  Thank you Joel for taking me on a journey in the Lost Coast Rocket. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story. 

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