Around The World In 80 Tales

Its three days into the new year and what better way than to review a book that awakens the wanderer in me.

This book is filled with bite sized stories that are real-life experiences of the author himself. The stories revolve around a unique aspect of a particular place the author has visited. This personal touch is what differentiates this anthology from a travelogue.

Dave narrates his experiences straight from his heart. Yes, his writing style is unique and thats precisely the reason why these stories are narrated in storyform rather than an autobiography. His writings do evoke imageries and in order to emphasise better he has made exotic use of photographs. On a lighter note, if you have heard of Food Porn, then these pictures can be categorised as Travel Porn. They are absolutely stunning and you could drool over them for long.

The real characters or protagonists are the exotic places that Dave visits and describes about. I must say that the descriptions are so vivid that I have decided to add these places to my Bucket List.

To sum up, if you are a traveller, travel blogger or writer or a travel enthusiast, then these amazing and excellent stories are a must read for you. These stories would inspire you to wear your travelling shoes and wander into exotic locales.

P.S - Thanks a ton Dave for your stories that took me around the world in 80 tales and have inspired me to travel to the places described. This review is an honest opinion after reading this anthology.

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