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Firstly, I beg to differ with the author for suggesting a specific age group for reading this story. Secondly, this story is awesome. Who would not like to embark on a magical journey into a magical world! Christopher makes us travel into a world where fantasy and reality exist side by side. This story is about taking risks and opting for the road never travelled. Yes, it takes courage to choose something one does not know about and follow just that. Life has its set of unaswered questions but it is only the one who seeks it that finds it. The language is simple yet has the capability to instantly involve the reader as the storyline progresses.  Though there are no direct connotations but Christopher gives a subtle message. Christopher succeeds in portraying that mirror of life never lies.  The characterization is apt for the setting. You would love to hate the antagonist and live to love the protagonists. This story will make you squirm in your seats as you anticipat

The Book Before Revelations

I must admit this book was a revelation for me. It introduced me to an author who has the power to captivate his readers with his writings and a genre I had never explored. Daniel's story is totally engrossing; you will be compelled to finish it once you start reading. The plot revolves around few concepts from Christianity. Yet, this religious fiction neither preaches in favour of a particular religion nor does it speak ill of any religion. Therefore, this is a story that can be read by anybidy irrespective of his or her religious beliefs and background. Besides, the concept of Heaven, Hell and Earth exists in all religions in some form or the other, as in Swarg Lok and Paatal Lok or Nark in Hinduism. Daniel has a flair for conjuring imageries. This story is filled with scenes that create a mental movie. In fact, the narrative is so expressive that it has the ability to get converted into a full feature film like the epic movies being made by Hollywood. The twists an

Coinman: An Excerpt

One night it came to him, the perfect tactic. Sitting on his bed, he worked all night to write a poem on Coinman. Enthralled by his masterpiece, he ditched work the next day, citing a feverish condition—but called up his gang, one after the other, to recite his work. The next day, when the management was coincidentally out for an off-site seminar, the office workers took the poem from one desk to another cleverly, without kindling Coinman’s suspicion, and praised his caricature in collective chorus. After everyone had had a good laugh, Hukum stuck the poem on the first-floor notice board. From the **** of his own mother, Came smiling this crazy ****er! His father forgot to use a ****er, But we are the ones who suffer. Is it hard to guess for any soul? Who the hell is this ***hole? Nauseating us is his only goal, For ringing coins he must pay a toll. We could have been spared in whole, If his father had only rested his *ole! If on that evil night he wasn’t on a r

Bedtime Stories For Grown Ups

When I read these stories I could not help but change my expressions as I kept reading so as to be in sync with the mood of the story.  This anthology is a wonderful collection of short stories that mixes realism and fantasy. It is like a perfect blend of two different worlds. In fact, it has all issues that are happening in present day scenario. Wish I could divulge more but doing so would only act as spoilers. One definitely needs to read it to believe in what I say. Everybody is not perfect. Similary, amidst this collection, there are few stories that have been exceptionally crafted. There are few stories that could have been better. However, notwithstanding that, the imageries that Cearuil conjures with his words, the emotions that his writings evoke, are truly appreciable. All the characters have been well crafted, as in, their flaws, their personality, their goodness, everything has been brought out nicely. Besides, as you keep reading you will notice that your