Bedtime Stories For Grown Ups

When I read these stories I could not help but change my expressions as I kept reading so as to be in sync with the mood of the story. 

This anthology is a wonderful collection of short stories that mixes realism and fantasy. It is like a perfect blend of two different worlds. In fact, it has all issues that are happening in present day scenario. Wish I could divulge more but doing so would only act as spoilers. One definitely needs to read it to believe in what I say.

Everybody is not perfect. Similary, amidst this collection, there are few stories that have been exceptionally crafted. There are few stories that could have been better. However, notwithstanding that, the imageries that Cearuil conjures with his words, the emotions that his writings evoke, are truly appreciable.

All the characters have been well crafted, as in, their flaws, their personality, their goodness, everything has been brought out nicely. Besides, as you keep reading you will notice that your mind keeping reminding you "oh this one is like so and so," or "isnt he or she behaving like so and so??"

To sum up, this was one of those anthologies that I had finished at one go and it is one that I have been recommending to people to read. Cearuil Swords, your stories rock.

P.S - When is the next set of Bedtime stories getting published?

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