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Shanti And The Magic Mandala

There are times when you read a book and it involves you from the very start. Shanti and the Magic Mandala was a similar experience for me.

The book deals with the poignant story of Shanti and her friends. Yes, it may sound childish, but every reading helps develop a different perspective. And I am glad to say I read it twice. In fact, once for myself and second time for my kids. The story is about the quest for the Magic Mandala by six kids. The how and why can be better appreciated when you read it. Hence, even a summary will not do the requred justice to the essence of the book.

This book is a winner. It has already won many awards and accolades. Rightly so, because, the narrative is gripping, continues with no sudden breaks, with each chapter being connected well. The language is simple yet powerful and has the ability to ensure continued attention. Besides, it can be read by the old and the young alike, hence has mass appeal.

What should I say about the characters!!! Its a great…

Shanti And The Magic Mandala: An Excerpt

Shanti was the first to smell the smoke. She paused in her frantic packing. “Do you smell something burning?”

“Yes, I do,” Lelê said, worried.

It was getting noticeably hotter in the room. “Look, there’s smoke coming in under the door!” Antônio cried. Black smoke was slowly seeping beneath the door and into the room. Lelê ran to the window.

“The door won’t open,” Shanti said, struggling with the lock.

“Neither will the window.” Lelê was close to tears.

“Let me try, Shanti.” Antônio grasped the doorknob, applying his strength to it. Even as he fought with the lock, the smoke and the heat were rising.”

“They did it. We're stuck in here,” Helena said, coughing.

Antônio hammered on the wall. “Nasir! Itai! Tadao! Help us!”

“They want to kill us,” Lelê cried, shaking with fear.

Looking intently at Helena, her voice ringing with determination, Shanti declared, “But we’re not going to let them succeed!”

“Get away from the door,” Antônio said, kicking at it.

Hearing Antônio's call for help, Nasir…

Serendipity: Mangalam Shiva

We read a book titled Empty Fists. Here is our rendezvous with the author Mr Mangalam Shiva...

GR: What description will fit you in real life? 
MS:   I, Shivkumar have risen in my life from a humble beginning. After
graduation from Bombay University, I started my career as a Quality Control Inspector. With dedication and hard work I entered Marketing field as a Sales Executive and over the years rose to the level of Vice President (Sales) with M/S. Cello Thermoware Ltd, Mumbai and retired.

As an Idealist, I expect and wish for Peace, Tolerance, Honesty, Hard work, Intelligence, and Happiness to prevail among all human beings.

After working as a Marketing professional in Mumbai, India for forty years, author Mangalam Shiva finally took up the pen. A keen observer of life, the author has been following the myriad incidences of social injustices, inequalities, corruption and abuse of power that India has been beset with and its impact on the common man. Unable to initiate direct action in …

Serendipity: FT Camargo

Authors have the power to inspire and motivate. It is with pleasure that we bring to you our rendezvous with an award-winning author of Shanti and The Magic Mandal, FT Camargo.

GR:  You are an architect, travel writer and awards winner.What description will fit you in real life? 
FTC:  I’m an Italian Brazilian living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m an architect and also I have studied Arts and Media. I’m a vegetarian because of my love for all animals and I have been involved in causes for their protection and freedom. I really love to travel to different places with different cultures and I love out doors sports. I have also published a travel book – Rio Maravilha that means Wonderful Rio in English. For many years I have practicing yoga and meditation and study the kabbalah. I think my exploration of spiritual teachings motivated a commitment to self-development which in turn created a new path and goal in my life. I’m positive that Shanti and the Magic Mandala was born from this inner jour…

Serendipity: Madhu Vajpayee

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But we met a Doctor whose writing made us want to read more of her work. Meet Madhu Vajpayee, author of Seeking Redemption, who writes stories and not just prescriptions!!!

GR: What description will fit you in real life?
MV: Dr. Madhu Vajpayee- the writer was born somewhere in those hospital corridors where she has spent the last two decades of her life. Witnessing life at such close quarters pushed her to capture its enigma in her words and slowly it became her passion. After writing several scientific papers and chapters in books, this book is her second journey in literary world, the first being SEEKING REDEMPTION.

Having done her graduation, MBBS from King Georges Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow she went ahead to pursue her post-graduation, MD from AIIMS, New Delhi. She was a consultant at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and was associated with management of patients living with HIV/AIDS. She is now settled in Melbo…

Spotlight: Seeking Redemption

Book Blurb:

Story of a girl Meera, who is unwittingly drawn into a conflict from where she finds it difficult to emerge unscathed. It's her journey from being a simple, medical graduate bfelonging to a middle class family to the uncharted territories of corruption and caste based politics. Her path is crossed by the two men, both compelling yet completely contrasting characters, who are forever going to change her life. If it is Aman who can challenge her ideals and defy her resolves, and makes her the person she finally becomes, it is Abhay's sublime love which enables her to go through the vicissitudes of life. It's also the story of her loss as well as triumph against her own demons to find her true self.
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About the Author: Dr.Madhu Vajpayee- the writer was born somewhere in those hospital corridors where she has spent the last two decades of her life. Witnessing life at such close quarters pushed her to capture its enigma in her words and slowly it …

Seeeking Redemption

There are times when one is forced to stand up for what is right, lose a lot in the bargain and attempt to redeem lost favours through whatever means are available. Seeking Redemption is a story which revolves around a similar theme.

The plot of the story is meshed amidst the gamut of corruption, caste-based politics and human values. It talks about reservations and corrupt practises. It brings out how the people who voice the truth become a minority and get targetted. In fact, the author attempts to portray issues relevant to the Indian society with the medico-political fraternity as a backdrop.

As far as characters go, its heartening to find Aman, Abhay and Meera with well-etched personality. The story is narrated through the eyes of Meera. Aman and Abhay are opposites but exceptionally depicted. Meera is a strong-willed yet sensitive individual who stands up for the truth. To be specific, Madhu has got all her characters right.

The narrative is really flowing, however, the use of …

The Sky Ghost Series Giveaway

The Sky Ghosts series by Alexandra Engellmann (Blog tour and giveaway)

Fill this simple Google form to sign up for the giveaway. Five winners will receive the first two books of the Sky Ghosts series in any ebook format and have a chance to read the rest of the series for free.

Title: Sky Ghosts / Author: Alexandra Engellmann / Genre: Urban fantasy / Action / Romance

Sky Ghosts: All for One (Sky Ghosts #1)

Amazon / Goodreads

Jane and Pain are Sky Ghosts - and they kill for a living. Highly trained bodyguards by day, they patrol the New York streets at night to keep the city safe from their enemies, Sky Beasts. One night they save two young men from their enemies' blades and find themselves in the middle of a war. As they put their lives at stake to save their wards, the main mystery remains unsolved: why would the Beasts hunt two ordinary human boys?

Spellbinding and violent, Alexandra Engellmann's Sky Ghosts series is exactly what Urban fantasy fans are looking for - a blend of…

Serendipity: Nesly Clerge

Authors have their own unique style of writing. There are few who spin tales of romance, a few try and scare the daylights out of us. And a handful  of them write about relationships without trying to get classified into a specific genre. We had a chance interaction with an author who wrote about prison life of a man who was caught in a web of deceit, failed relationship and prison. Here's our rendezvous with Author Nesly Clerge...

GR:  We have heard that you are very fond of Oatmeal Cookies, travelling and Hawaii. What description actually fits you in real life?
NC:I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physiology and neurobiology, and later pursued a doctoral degree in the field of chiropractic medicine. I always wanted to write, and finally embraced my lifelong passion for the craft. Thank goodness I’m a driven, ambitious person, because I intend to write novels for a long, long time.

GR:  A little birdie told us that you have published various business related articles earlier.…

When The Serpent Bites


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