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Fire And Ice


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The Road Not Taken


A Word: Emily Dickinson


The Story Of Lucius Cane

An awesome piece of writing but way too short!!! If only it had been longer, it was a sure shot unputdownable kind of book.
The plot revolves around a vampire who is not into harming humans. Its a different treatment given to typical vampire stories. 
The narrative is gripping. Vanya writing style makes one want to read more but sadly the story ends fast. The choice of words give way to beautiful imageries. The mental pictures are accompanied by sound effects. However, the length of the story is a big spoiler. 
The protagonist is a typical antihero and not the cliched vampire. The other characters, a human and a voice do add on to the suspense, but sadly, their presence makes one wish for bit more descriptions and due to the short length the story ends without elaborations.
To sum up, the story ends with a promise of a sequel. The only major drawback in this story is its length. But for it, the plot has everything it takes to make a bestseller. The book is a quick read, in fact one o…

Causality: The Crisis In Zelan

If you mesh science fiction with fantasy you would get a story like Causality. The plot is the quintessential good versus evil. However, the treatment meted out to this story is very different.
The plot revolves around an angel on the run who turns saviour on a mortal planet. There are vampires, dragons and black magicians. There is magic and dark humour. But there is also sufficient violence which makes this book not suitable for all ages. In fact its a mix of two genres and one needs to develop a taste for such writing.
Zam has used simple language while describing familiar celestial beings and magical creatures, However, there are a few scenes wherein which the violence and gore was a bit more for me to handle. Yet, even writing about graphic violence is an art and Zam does have the flair to write in this genre. The narration is gripping once it catches up pace after the first ten percent. It is dark and has elements of horror, supernatural and suspense. As said earlier, the story…

Chergui's Child

Loved this book. In fact this is the second book by the author that I have read. And yes, there is a complete different treatment. 
The plot explores the bond shared by a mother and her daughter akin to Daughters of the Lake. But the similarity ends there. The essence of this poignant story is the journey a mother undertakes to find her lost child, a child whose existence was kept hidden by her own mother. I wish I could say more but that would mean spoiling a beautiful narrative. Read it to believe it.
Jane's narration is really powerful in this story. She has brought out the yearning of a mother for her lost child in a manner that would tug your heart strings. I cried with the protagonist, I laughed with her and in the end felt really happy for her. The imageries are as powerful as the narrative. It was as if  I was part of a story where I could do nothing except be a mute spectator. Felt really desperate. Hats off to you Jane for a writing that made me be a part of it.
The sto…

Daughters Of The Lake

Families can be complicated and the lesser said about dysfunctional families the better. Yet, in the end, it is families that really matter.
The story revolves around a dysfunctional family of a lady named Madalena living in Switzerland. She has planned a reunion at home with her middle aged children joining in. Why dysfunctional? Because each one has a personal battle to fight. For the what, why and how, you really need to read this book. What really caught my attention was Madalena, the mother.  The story line brings out an important message through her character and that is to live life. Times may be trying and circumstances may change. However, what really matters is the fact that one learns to live. Madalena learns to let go, learns to love and wishes the same for her children.
The language is simple and Jane has beautifully brought out the subtle undercurrents that exist between the siblings. Women are known to be the best example for emotions. Through the daughters and their moth…

Jonathon Goode, Honorary Witch: The Crystals of Aztlan

The first thing that caught my eye was the title of this book. Men and boys were supposed to be wizards right? How could Jonathan Goode, a boy be an honorary witch? 
The plot is really interesting. Its about a boy and his transformations. The story line shifts between realms of reality and fantasy. And, the transition is so subtle and smooth that the story narration remains unaffected. sometimes, strange things happen when they are least expected and the plot simply reflects this statement. This book takes you on a magical journey.
The narration is fast paced and can keep you engrossed till the end. The writing takes a reader into a world of unicorns, elves, dwarves and centaurs. On the whole, a perfect treat for visualisations. Michael has used a language that is appropriate for children to read this book as well. Hence this book has a universal appeal.
The characters are apt and have a role to play in the story line. They exhibit emotions that any person in their shoes would feel. …

Second Nature

It goes without saying that people take refuge in worlds of fantasy whenever they need a break. it is like second nature.
This book is set in an imaginary world where Queens can control elements of Nature and there are antagonists desirous of disrupting the delicate balance. For a start, the concept is unique. At least I have not read a book based on elements till now. Hence for me, the concept was interesting. The story line can be best understood when the book is read. But trust me, there is a little bit for every reader.
Lauren writes from the heart and at times even heart tends to get repetitive. Notwithstanding that, narrative is simple. It has the right blend of fantasy and reality. The terms are not complicated and lucidly explained. Yes, there is no dearth of imageries. As one reads, the story unfolds like a visual movie. 
The characters are well etched. The protagonist and the antagonist have an enigma associated with them. You will love to love and/ or hate whatever the cas…