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My Name Is Not Alice

My Name Is Not Alice is a wonderful story told in five parts about a young girl called Alice,who hates all references made by the girls around her in the context of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland. This story is a symbol of personal growth of the protagonist Alice in particular and human life in general.

The story introduces Alice as a highly underconfident, inhibited and sensitive person who has a severe inferiority complex. Alice, slowly but surely, learns about true friendship and gains enough self- confidence to face bullies like Jenny even if means being out of the popular gang. Alice, thus, starts off on a path of self-discovery as she openly befriends Amy Walker. She starts realizing that there is magic within her. However, her strained relationship with her mother stops her from asking questions about family history. The entry of Pepper Burns and Trouble Walker does shake her belief in the goodness of people, but her friendship with Amy helps her to learn about herself…

Discovering Your Allergies: Author Sherilyn Powers

Have you ever had someone, like a doctor or nutritionist, ask you what you had for breakfast and not be able to remember?

With our hectically frantic lives, many of us can't remember what we were doing a short time ago, never mind some time before taking the kids to school and daycare, running back home to pick up a lunch someone forgot, the four meetings with your boss, clients, co-workers and the plumber who was called in to your house by the neighbours when your pipes bursting flooded their basement.

This is why when trying to discover what types of allergic symptoms may be affecting you and their causes can be practically impossible without keeping track physically. If we can't think of what we had for breakfast this morning, how are we going to remember everything we encountered three days earlier?

Yes, three days. Delayed reactions can take up to 72 hours to show up and in the case of some substances (medical contrast dye) even up to seven days!

In my book, I'm Not …

How To Get Your Boyfriend Back

If you think that after five to six years of married life, only your husband has turned lousy, think twice. As married life progresses, the husband-wife relationship takes itself for granted. With increasing years, it starts losing spark, and that is when the rift begins.

Julia Black has tried to drive home a simple, yet powerful, message, which is, things change in a marriage when the boyfriend/girlfriend turn to behave like husband/wife. It means the day the initial attraction gets replaced by the humdrum, the relationship hits a low.

Through her book How to get your Boyfriend back (from the husband he turned into), Julia gives out simple tips to the wife to go all out to keep the spark in a marriage alive and how her husband remains the eternal boyfriend she married, by behaving like a girlfriend herself (kids and childbirth not withstanding!!!)

Its a definite must-read for all married, about-to-be married and yet-to-be-married couples.

P.S - The advisory by Madison Institute, 189…

What Lies Within

Sometimes, it is by chance that one discovers what truly lies within oneself. Call it serendipity, it was an SMS that triggered off Shelley Marano's journey into self discovery.

Was she somebody else's child? Adopted? Discarded? An experiment? Conceived for money? Hunted and followed? Stalked to be killed? What is up next? These are a few of the questions that will cross your mind as you continue to share the twists and turns is Shelley's life.

James Morris truly writes in a style which would hold your attention till you reach the end of the book. The way he has told the story through a female protagonist is really appreciable.

Through Shelley, the writer is probably bringing out the power of what lies within. Its not about the genes or the environment around us, but it is valuable sense of judgement of our inner world, a perfect reflection of the statement made by Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted at the beginning.

P.S - I received a copy from Booklover Catlady Publicity in exc…

Sky Ghosts: All For One

I read the first book in the Sky Ghosts series titled All for One. As I kept flipping the pages, it was only when I reached the final page that I realized, I had finished the book in one sitting.

An excellently written urban fantasy, the female protagonists, Jane and Pain, are the perfect depiction of the term femme fatale. They are sharp, intelligent, extremely skillful protectors of the city. The way the Beasts are handled definitely sends shivers down one's spine.

Alexandra Engellmann has an awesome sense of narrative and her descriptions are too good to ve true. In fact, as I kept reading, I had this feeling that I was visualizing the scenes in my mind. She uses imagery to the maximum.

As a reader, the book definitely made me think with curiosity about all those nameless and unknown faces who are slogging it out night and day to make us feel protected, a la Sky Ghost.

P.S- I will grab a copy of the other books in this series as well!!!

The First Life of Vikram Roy: An Excerpt

I hear the staccato of shots being fired, followed by yells and howls of pain. Then, the sound of something being smashed and everything goes quiet. The TV no longer chatters. I look to the open door. The recreation room is down at the end of the corridor. The sounds of shots get closer. Without giving myself a chance to think I make a run for the door slam it shut, lock it and it’s as if that’s a signal to the rest of the men to jump to their feet. 

Without a word, the ten of us scram to our bunks, pull on trousers and shoes.We get our hands on whatever weapon we can find. No guns, none of us have guns. So I grab my cricket bat. (As if that’s going to make a difference?)

 Around me the others too are grabbing cricket bats and hockey sticks. Neil grabs an iron rod. An iron rod? Where did he get that from?  We drop to the floor, crouch and wait. 

Should I hide under the bed? Nope, no way. Like, that is going to help. 
And then a crash as the door is broken down, hacked by what looks like a…

Love And Happiness

Does extramarital affairs and cheating one's spouse guarantee Love and Happiness in a marriage??? Definitely not in my opinion.

This book by Ben Burgess Jr explores betrayals, lies and a total lack of concern for spouse through Karen and Chris. The reader would love to hate Karen, who knowingly cheats on her husband, and empathize with Chris, the devout husband. Their marriage is filled with troubled waters.

The relationship between Chris and Karen epitomizes the modern day couple for whom the institution of marriage is no longer about " We and Us" and is only about "I, Me, Myself". It also shows the detrimental effects that lack of patience and absence of communication have on married couple.

If only the adult content had not been so much of attention as to drive away a reader from an interesting theme. The overdose of lust is definitely a bit of a demotivator for readers who wish to read evolved subjects. A relevant subject has in a way been let down by  too…

Corridors Of My Mind

"Should I call it Poetry
  Or simply say,
  Its the poet's pain
  Expressed this way."

Angel MB Chadwick is a poet whose style of writing poetry cannot be categorized. Her poetry is like one of her own poems titled 'Explosive' which is short and powerful. To quote:

"I’m stuck in the beginning trying to be explosive 
I’m stuck in the middle trying to be perfect 
And in the end I want to be unforgettable."

Her collection of 132 poems has varied themes. They bring out the insecurities of a woman in her many roles, the pain thats ingrained deep in the human heart, the confusion one has in one's mind, empowerment, loneliness, well, I could go on and on.

Sometimes like Emily Dickinson and sometimes like the Romantics, her poetry does reflect the modern woman in all her poetic splendour. There are also a few poems which automatically make you want to hum along like a song, just like a lyrical ballad that needs to be sung to a lonely heart.

Her poems have alliter…


As I kept reading the story, I felt myself empathizing with Susan, the protagonist. Her tears, her pain, her desperation, her unhappiness, all touched many chords in my heart.

The pain of losing someone dear is something which cannot be expressed in words, but being blamed for that loss leaves one feeling guily for the rest of one's life.

Joan Ellis has brought out the unhealed wounds of a young woman named Susan Wheeler. The emotional and mental trauma that Susan underwent as a seven year old, followed her into her motherhood. It was then that she decided to face her demons from the past.

The story subtly brought out the innocence of a little child and how this is cleverly exploited by adults to conveniently blame the child for their misdoings. Little do such adults realize that by making children the scapegoats for their misadventures, they are scarring these angels for life.

But as is said, all is well that ends well. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Once Susan found the …

I'm Not Crazy I'm Allergic!

I never knew that the phrase mountain out of mole-hill is really true in case of allergies!!! After reading Sherilyn Powers book, even I realized that I am not crazy I am only allergic.

Sherilyn has penned a self examined theory about how allergies can be overlooked and misconstrued as something else, diagnosed so and thereafter treated for the same. To ensure credibility to it, she has quoted authentic scientific research data as well. Hence, her theory is not far fetched.

As I kept reading, I realized the effect that food and environment can act as allergens that can trigger varied reactions in our bodies, which at times, cannot be quantified or explained. And yes, the explanation, that it is because of allergies that an individual is diagnosed for diseases which he/she is not suffering, may not go down well with established doctors. It is, therefore, a herculean task to explain to doctors to check for allergies and not for diseases as perceived. Of course, doctors should not be do…

Framed and Burning: An Excerpt

His grandniece was sitting cross-legged on the couch, poring over a bunch of files from the Miami PD, and he knew the autopsy report was in there. Part of him wanted to read it, and part of him didn’t. He felt undone by his conflicting feelings, so he said nothing and slumped into a chair.

“I just learned the fire decreased my net worth,” he announced, but he was staring at the reflection of the sun bouncing off the water in a birdbath outside. Nonetheless, he felt Cat look up at him.

“Harsh,” she said. “The paintings? In your studio?”


“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“Okay. I’m not.” There was a pause, and then she added: “I think most art is ridiculously overpriced anyway. I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, Uncle Mick, but eighteen-thousand for that big red splotchy thing you painted?”

Mick laughed. He should be offended, but on the contrary, he suddenly felt like he’d never loved his grandniece more. He thought about that dream of hers he’d walked into the first night in Ernes…

Rogue Hunter: Inquest

Inquest is an excellently crafted space opera and the first in a series of Rogue Hunter that I read. And truly speaking, it was way too different from what I had expected. No wonder then that it is said never judge a book by its cover!!
Kevis Hendrickson's writing takes you into a world of imagery. Every description springs up a visualization along with special effects in the mind. It was as if I was watching a movie in my mind as I kept reading.
The book is not just about vivid descriptions, its about a female superhero called Zyra Zanr. She has a conscience, craves to be loved and has dreams like any other woman but she is definitely not the one to be messed with. As a bounty hunter, she kills. Kevis took years to create her and undoubtedly, her character with all its flaws is extremely well-crafted.

The book replicates the modern world in space. There is political drama, feminism, love turned into hatred, pain and revenge. You would love to love Zyra, love to hate Boris, empat…

Wind Down

Mark Ewig's Book Wind Down is definitely a must read. It kept me hooked to it till the end, in fact, I really couldn't stop myself from finishing it in one go.
All his characters are well etched but yes, Aaron is brilliant. And through Aaron, Mark has brought out the power the human mind has.  Paranormal is definitely a subject that has always intrigued me and I do vouch for the fact that sixth sense and intuition do exist. What will hook you on to the book is that it uses simple language and vivid visual imageries. The book autonatically leads your mind to visualizations as Aaron winds down. The story ends with a cliff hanger, just like an end which indicates the start of a new beginning.
P.S- Mark, when is your next book due for release?

Writing Flash Fiction

As I immerse myself into the world of writing I now discover so many new vistas for creative expression. Carly Berg's guide to Writing Flash Fiction is definitely an eye opener for me.

The guide is simple to understand yet powerful enough to clarify all that an aspiring writer needs to know and appreciate about Flash Fiction. Carly has easily brought out that writing stories upto 1000 words or less is no child's play but definitely worth trying and is easy if you get the basics right. And yes, her sample stories are not just worth reading again and again, they truly depict the effect a flash story can have in today's world.

In case you are an aspiring writer who is out to start from scratch, then this guide is perfect for you to begin exploring the fascinating world of creative writing through Flash Fictions. And in case you are already an author who is willing to explore new genres, try writing Flash Fictions and refer to Carly's guide for the Hows and Whys.

P.S- Thi…

Hawaiian Heartbreak

Strange are the ways of the Human Heart. It prepares to get hurt even before it heals completely. Libby Cole's Hawaiian Heartbreak is a story which aptly brings out this facet of the heart.

Kayla takes a break to heal her broken heart in the land of lovers - Hawaii. Little does she know that she is unwittingly heading for yet another heartbreak, thanks to her rendezvous with Jay. What seems initially fun, later turns out to be the creator of misunderstandings between the two.

Libby Cole rocks it with her descriptions. She has this power to instantly connect with the readers through her characters.

This book is definitely meant for adults, however its a story that any woman can relate to. There are so many of us who are like Kayla, simple at heart, sensitive and emotional. And yes, they are those who unknowingly run from one heartbreak into another. But is there a silver lining at the end of these clouds of heartbreak??? have to wait for her next book.

P.S- Believe me,…

Waves In The Desert - Decisions

I read a book by an author with a compassionate heart. Only two words- Excellent and Awesome. Kimberly Beadle's 'Waves in the Desert- Decisions' will definitely inspire you to think about others and try to reach out to those in need.

The plot revoles around one single word-Charity, and mind you, its not a routine run-of-the-mill story: If you have a weak heart or are too busy to give a thought for those not as privileged as you are, then this book is not meant for you.

Through Mia Raven, her protagonist, Kimberly makes a subtle, yet powerful, statement-Sustainable Futures Where the Average create the Extraordinary.  Though Sustainable Futures or SuFu, as the Main characters in the story refer to it, is a charitable organization, don't you as a person feel, that there is, indeed, a need to ensure that the future remains sustainable; if not for us, then at least for the coming generations???

There is so much of discord, despair and discontentment around us, I feel, its …