Waves In The Desert - Decisions

I read a book by an author with a compassionate heart. Only two words- Excellent and Awesome. Kimberly Beadle's 'Waves in the Desert- Decisions' will definitely inspire you to think about others and try to reach out to those in need.

The plot revoles around one single word-Charity, and mind you, its not a routine run-of-the-mill story: If you have a weak heart or are too busy to give a thought for those not as privileged as you are, then this book is not meant for you.

Through Mia Raven, her protagonist, Kimberly makes a subtle, yet powerful, statement-Sustainable Futures Where the Average create the Extraordinary.  Though Sustainable Futures or SuFu, as the Main characters in the story refer to it, is a charitable organization, don't you as a person feel, that there is, indeed, a need to ensure that the future remains sustainable; if not for us, then at least for the coming generations???

There is so much of discord, despair and discontentment around us, I feel, its high time we stand up for ensuring that we give Peace a Chance by reaching out to people. As Mia aptly portrays, even the Average can create the Extraordinary. So there it goes, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to take a decision!!! All that you truly need is a heart which feels for others.

And yes, if you think Mia had a smooth sail thanks to her supportive friend Veronica, well...she has her share of low moments too.

To sum up, its not enough to be a Human, instead, one needs to be Humane. So, hey there people, its high time you get up, grab your copy of Kimberly Beadle's novel and create "Waves in the Desert" of Humanity. Come on, lets take the decision and do our bit for Sustainable Futures!!!

P.S- Check out her author page at www.facebook.com/AuthorKimberlyBeadle

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