How To Get Your Boyfriend Back

If you think that after five to six years of married life, only your husband has turned lousy, think twice. As married life progresses, the husband-wife relationship takes itself for granted. With increasing years, it starts losing spark, and that is when the rift begins.

Julia Black has tried to drive home a simple, yet powerful, message, which is, things change in a marriage when the boyfriend/girlfriend turn to behave like husband/wife. It means the day the initial attraction gets replaced by the humdrum, the relationship hits a low.

Through her book How to get your Boyfriend back (from the husband he turned into), Julia gives out simple tips to the wife to go all out to keep the spark in a marriage alive and how her husband remains the eternal boyfriend she married, by behaving like a girlfriend herself (kids and childbirth not withstanding!!!)

Its a definite must-read for all married, about-to-be married and yet-to-be-married couples.

P.S - The advisory by Madison Institute, 1894, will keep you in splits for sure. Do check this book out.

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