Secret Magic: Evie Everyday Witch

Every child is unique, a universal truth. However, the moment he or she is able to discover the magic within him or her, it becomes priceless. Unfortunately, the very need to be accepted by peer group might hamper the child's development.

The plot revolves around Evie Everyday, a witch who has magical powers within her. But she prefers to change herself and hide her magic so that she is liked by her friends. But does this turn out to be in her favour? Well, to know that please read about Evie in this delightfully wonderful story.

Elena Paige is a writer to look out for because she creates magic in this piece of her writing. The language used caters for the reading needs of 9 to 11 years old children. The writer also uses imageries extensively. These imageries are vivid and appealing. The only major issue I found as I read it out to my 6 year old was that the narrative was a bit jerky. There were breaks which could have been avoided. Despite the discontinuity, the story is really good and very likeable.

Evie Everyday represents the dilemma that a child with a special talent or unique abilities or giftedness goes through. In order to blend in or be accepted by the peer group there is a tendency to try and mask the giftedness behind mediocrity. However,  there is a need to teach children to accept themselves or their friends for who they are.

As far as characterisation goes, Evie does stand out. The next one that stands out is Izzy. The others dont succeed in leaving an imprint. Evie and Izzy depict human emotions thereby making them a reflection of reality.

To sum up, Evie Everyday Secret Magic is a book in the series of adventures that Evie Everyday Witch goes through. It is a really likeable and a very good book if you have children to read out to. In case you dont, you can read it to appeal to your inner child as well. The three stars are only because of the jerks in the narration and sudden changes introduced that are a tad distracting.

P.S: Thank you BookSirens for sharing this story with me for free. I have not received nor do I intend to receive monetary benefits in exchange of my review. This review is my honest opinion after reading it. 

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