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An Excerpt: The Age Of Kali - Soul Warrior

Kuru Kshetra Battlefield. Day 17 of the Great Kuru War, 
seven thousand five hundred years ago.
Death is hot.
That surprises me. I’d imagined death as cold and brutal. Merciless. But in truth, death is hot as blood, and constant like a heartbeat.
Thrum. Thrum. Thrum. My lifeblood ebbs to the rhythm. My head ripped from its torso by Anjalika, the arrow of death that burns even now with the energy of the sun. Struck from behind like some novice. Felled in battle by that lily-livered usurper the Heavens smile upon—Prince Arjun. Brother Arjun.
What have I done?
I harness the thought. Cease all reflection and wrench free of my mortal body. I soar up, up into the gloaming, snapping the ties that tether me to life. Dead, I have no use for ties.
“A matter of perspective, Karna, O son of my godsire.” The unearthly words strum through the air, and I quiver like a plucked bowstring, overcome as much by the voice as its blasphemous claim. 
“Bonds of devotion nourish the soul, brother.”
There is that word a…

The Deified

Beginnings are important for any story to give an overview of what is in store for the reader. I personally felt the start was jerky with sudden shifts and that is where I started losing the connection.

This book started off with one setting and suddenly there was an abrupt change. So, though majority of the story did revolve around what is described in the blurb yet the disconnect between introductory chapters made me lose my connect with the story. On the whole, the concept was interesting but the treatment to it could have been better.

There are portions that are brilliantly drafted yet there are other places that have loopholes. Yet, I am sure MJ will make it up for this in her next book. There are imageries and violence does play an active part in it. But due to breaks in narration and a muddled presentation of the central theme, the imageries were a bit jerky too.

There are a plethora of characters but they could have been better shaped. Even Jude is supposedly a character who …

Hey Doorman VIII

This is the first book in the Doorman series that I am reading. Hence, my opinion is purely based on this anthology only.

Yes, it is a collection of stories, or should I say real life experiences of a bouncer in a night club. Every job has tales that are worth narrating. Through this anthology John narrates his experiences as a bouncer.

Firstly, writing personal experiences is not easy. Kudos to John for not only attempting it but making it seem so interesting. This is a collection of tales hence John has chosen those experience which have either changed him, impacted his relationships or have a lesson to offer. And I must admit, his usage of humour to keep up the tempo of every storyline is commendable. There were a few swear words, but then, one does encounter such language in a night club. There are vivid imageries that crop up as and when the story narration continues. There is a smooth transition from story to another. There is sexual content and violence but these come along wi…

Dead Down East

I needed a story that would take my mind off a grim and dark tale I had just read and reviewed. Thankfully, this story helped me do just that.

Sometimes we come across characters who are totally out of luck and are so lovable that you feel like empathising with them throughout. The protagonist of this story, a private investigator, is just that. The plot revolves around an affable character and his tryst with the solving of a crime case. For the whats you need to read the story.

The writing is amazing. Carl has added loads of humour through one-liners and at the same time, he has retained the flavour of suspense throughout. There were some 'wow' moments and it was worth a five star but for its ending. Notwithstanding that, the manner in which the story has been narrated is quiet gripping. What is more interesting is the fact that throughout the narration there have been no jerks. The imageries are in required quantities. This book also makes for a convenient read since it is …


There are some stories that would make me cringe and wish I could stop reading, yet I am not able to. This story is one of them. I loved to hate it and would have given it five stars but then try as I might I cannot because of the negativity it exuded.

The plot is dark and revolves around a family and its traditions. There are rebels within such families as well. But for the who, what and how you need to read the story. Trust me when I say, it is not going to be easy.

Hats off to you Greta for penning a story so dark and unputdownable at the same time. It is not easy to narrate a gripping tale that can make the reader cringe and squirm but continue reading. Amazing use of language. The author has used words to bring out raw emotions without going over the top. Apart from that, there is a tone of formality throughout. It might put off some readers but I felt it was yet another writing technique used. Imageries existed in galore and I wish they didn't because it means at least two …

The Code Of Magic

Some books makes you believe in the beauty of magic. This is one such book.

The plot revolves around a pre-teen and his tryst with learning about magic. For details you need to read the book. And let me assure you, the storyline succeeds in subtly addressing the mind of a young boy. It is not easy to live with abusive parents and to remain determined inspite of a broken family is something that this story definitely teaches.

David weaves magic with his choice of words. The language is children friendly, hence this story can be read by any age group. The narration has no breaks or jerks and what actually makes it amazing is the twists and turns it introduces. The way the story takes a reader through an eventful journey, where every moment is thrilling, is something commendable. The storyline conjures up so many imageries in our minds. I felt I was watching a movie in my mind. And yes, I did feel involved as a reader. I felt I was silently present with the protagonist and was a part of…

The Helper

There are stories that attempt to go the unconventional way. This story is one of them.

The plot revolves around Helpers, people who "Help" those emotionally distraught. Who these Helpers are, how their lives intertwine and what happens, are all questions that will get answered once you read this story.

The author has interwoven flashbacks and that is a high point of this story. It is not easy to incorporate flashbacks since there is a danger of losing out on narration. Yet another writing technique used has been narrating the story through a narrator. Again, if not used properly this technique could also have led to narration issues. Thankfully, the writing is so amazing that both these issues have been addressed. There are imageries and where I felt the author could have done a bit more justice is to descriptions. There were a few places where a bit more of elaboration would have added greater impact to the storyline.

The main protagonists and the other secondary characte…

Stone Cold Angel

The story began on a promising note. However, it became a plot I have been coming across often in Bollywood movies.

The plot is basically a love story where the protagonists clash, fall in and out of love, thereafter patch up. The backdrop is definitely different and that is what I kept seeking throughout the story.

Amy is good at narration and I wish she had added more to her story and decreased the focus on sexual chemistry between her characters. The latter, at times, was at times a bit too stretched. It overshadowed the main storyline. Yes, Amy kept is simple by choosing a commonly known storyline. Yet, her unique writing style added a personal touch to this plot. There were vibrant imageries and the story does have all the right ingredients for being translated into a motion picture.

The protagonists played their parts well and so did the other supporting characters. Hence, Amy has justified the presence of all her characters in the storyline. The best is that she had ensured ev…