There are some stories that would make me cringe and wish I could stop reading, yet I am not able to. This story is one of them. I loved to hate it and would have given it five stars but then try as I might I cannot because of the negativity it exuded.

The plot is dark and revolves around a family and its traditions. There are rebels within such families as well. But for the who, what and how you need to read the story. Trust me when I say, it is not going to be easy.

Hats off to you Greta for penning a story so dark and unputdownable at the same time. It is not easy to narrate a gripping tale that can make the reader cringe and squirm but continue reading. Amazing use of language. The author has used words to bring out raw emotions without going over the top. Apart from that, there is a tone of formality throughout. It might put off some readers but I felt it was yet another writing technique used. Imageries existed in galore and I wish they didn't because it means at least two sleepless nights for me. The ending is mindblowing and the twist is a master stroke. But then, whether there is going to be a sequel is something I am wondering.

The characters are amazing as well. There are very few characters in this story. You can count them on your fingertips. Yet, I never felt anybody being a useless add on. Each of them controbuted to the story. The emotions that they deficted, the pain, abuse, rape, agony, trauma, everything was expressed by these characters.

To sum up, such stories are generally not my cup of tea because they bring in a lot of negative emotions. However, this story was gripping and kept me hooked to it. I had to finish it though I wanted to quit it at times since I felt awful. Again kudos to the author because it is easy to evoke positive emotions but to stir up negative emotions is a talent not every writer can pull off. The story is superb and tugs your heartstrings in ways you cannot imagine.

P.S - Thank you Greta for bringing in a story of the First Borns or Primogenito to me. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story. I truly hope there is a sequel.

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