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Heaven Enough

I love this story not just for what it is, but for what it made me. I read it the day I was down in the dumps and that one reading changed my whole viewpoint. Hence, if I sound biased, I am truly sorry.
The protagonist goes through the same pain I underwent a few years ago, hence it was easy for me to empathise. Life is difficult and everything turns topsy-turvy, but when you start realising that there was more to the person who went away, your world comes crashing down. There are so many facets a person can happen but maybe one gets so bogged down by mundane activities that these are often skipped; worst part, you start introspecting only after the person has gone.
Ken has a way with words. They don't strike a chord with the heart, they touch your soul. A very powerful writing style. It is not imageries they bring to mind but memories of days gone by in one's life that start running parallel to that of the protagonist. This book brings out emotions. I cried as I kept reading…

October 32nd

Some stories have the ability to surprise you with a shock effect. This story was one amongst them. Loved the concept, the twists and turns....
Well, well, first things first. The plot revolves around a small town called Elora and its famous Halloween Fest. Right in the middle of the unexpected turn of events is an insurance agent and a woman labelled as a witch by the entire town. It makes you feel you are back into an era where single women who were not very social were termed so. Add to this missing children and the wrath of the residents. You can well imagine the harrowing experience the so-called 'witch' might be going through.
Larry has a flair to bring in twists and turns when they are least expected. But the best part is that they are never out of place. It is only a bit of mismatch due to slow tempo of the story line. However, this does not take away the fact that the story conjures up lovely visual imageries. There is an air of mystery and spookiness which acts as a…

Finding Sheba