Hey Doorman VIII

This is the first book in the Doorman series that I am reading. Hence, my opinion is purely based on this anthology only.

Yes, it is a collection of stories, or should I say real life experiences of a bouncer in a night club. Every job has tales that are worth narrating. Through this anthology John narrates his experiences as a bouncer.

Firstly, writing personal experiences is not easy. Kudos to John for not only attempting it but making it seem so interesting. This is a collection of tales hence John has chosen those experience which have either changed him, impacted his relationships or have a lesson to offer. And I must admit, his usage of humour to keep up the tempo of every storyline is commendable. There were a few swear words, but then, one does encounter such language in a night club. There are vivid imageries that crop up as and when the story narration continues. There is a smooth transition from story to another. There is sexual content and violence but these come along with the job of a bouncer, the flip sides of this job, occupational hazards.

Every job is dignified in its own right and what I loved about the entire collection is the subtle manner in which John has expressed pride in whatever he is doing. Alongside the tough exterior that John exhibits, he also portrays his more humane side. The way he gives importance to all relationships in his life, his dealings at the professional as well as personal level, and events in his life make for an interesting read. He has portrayed himself as he is and that is what actually matters.

To sum up, this collection is a must read for both its humourous content and the sheer fact that John has chosen to pen down his life experiences through the lens of his job. He has made the life of a bouncer seem interesting and has added a lot of dignity to it through his writings.

P.S - This is the eighth part in the series and there are seven others before this. Hey Doorman, John, I hope you continue writing because it is very encouraging to see the way you view your profession and are sharing your experiences. This review is my honest opinion after reading the anthology.

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