Sky Ghosts: All For One

I read the first book in the Sky Ghosts series titled All for One. As I kept flipping the pages, it was only when I reached the final page that I realized, I had finished the book in one sitting.

An excellently written urban fantasy, the female protagonists, Jane and Pain, are the perfect depiction of the term femme fatale. They are sharp, intelligent, extremely skillful protectors of the city. The way the Beasts are handled definitely sends shivers down one's spine.

Alexandra Engellmann has an awesome sense of narrative and her descriptions are too good to ve true. In fact, as I kept reading, I had this feeling that I was visualizing the scenes in my mind. She uses imagery to the maximum.

As a reader, the book definitely made me think with curiosity about all those nameless and unknown faces who are slogging it out night and day to make us feel protected, a la Sky Ghost.

P.S- I will grab a copy of the other books in this series as well!!!

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