Corridors Of My Mind

"Should I call it Poetry
  Or simply say,
  Its the poet's pain
  Expressed this way."

Angel MB Chadwick is a poet whose style of writing poetry cannot be categorized. Her poetry is like one of her own poems titled 'Explosive' which is short and powerful. To quote:

"I’m stuck in the beginning trying to be explosive 
I’m stuck in the middle trying to be perfect 
And in the end I want to be unforgettable."

Her collection of 132 poems has varied themes. They bring out the insecurities of a woman in her many roles, the pain thats ingrained deep in the human heart, the confusion one has in one's mind, empowerment, loneliness, well, I could go on and on.

Sometimes like Emily Dickinson and sometimes like the Romantics, her poetry does reflect the modern woman in all her poetic splendour. There are also a few poems which automatically make you want to hum along like a song, just like a lyrical ballad that needs to be sung to a lonely heart.

Her poems have alliterations, refrains, free verse, rhyme, couplets and loads of metaphors and similies. A hardcore poetry enthusiast will find the usage of many of the poetic tools. It is truly a value addition to modern poetry.

To sum up, it is a must-read for all fans of poetry.

P.S- My personal favourite is definitely 'Explosive', but choosing just one amongst many gems is truly difficult.

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