Hawaiian Heartbreak

Strange are the ways of the Human Heart. It prepares to get hurt even before it heals completely. Libby Cole's Hawaiian Heartbreak is a story which aptly brings out this facet of the heart.

Kayla takes a break to heal her broken heart in the land of lovers - Hawaii. Little does she know that she is unwittingly heading for yet another heartbreak, thanks to her rendezvous with Jay. What seems initially fun, later turns out to be the creator of misunderstandings between the two.

Libby Cole rocks it with her descriptions. She has this power to instantly connect with the readers through her characters.

This book is definitely meant for adults, however its a story that any woman can relate to. There are so many of us who are like Kayla, simple at heart, sensitive and emotional. And yes, they are those who unknowingly run from one heartbreak into another. But is there a silver lining at the end of these clouds of heartbreak??? Well....you have to wait for her next book.

P.S- Believe me, you will be forced to wait for it once you read this book.

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