My Name Is Not Alice

My Name Is Not Alice is a wonderful story told in five parts about a young girl called Alice,who hates all references made by the girls around her in the context of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland. This story is a symbol of personal growth of the protagonist Alice in particular and human life in general.

The story introduces Alice as a highly underconfident, inhibited and sensitive person who has a severe inferiority complex. Alice, slowly but surely, learns about true friendship and gains enough self- confidence to face bullies like Jenny even if means being out of the popular gang. Alice, thus, starts off on a path of self-discovery as she openly befriends Amy Walker. She starts realizing that there is magic within her. However, her strained relationship with her mother stops her from asking questions about family history. The entry of Pepper Burns and Trouble Walker does shake her belief in the goodness of people, but her friendship with Amy helps her to learn about herself and understand the people around her.

It is universally known and established that love can conquer even the worst of the demons. Alice discovers true love on her journey of self exploration and does everything she can, to help people close to her, to fight Jenny, a demon in reality. And yes, all is well that ends well, and this story definitely ends on a positive note.

I couldn't help but compare the story with today's world. Ask those with names that have a resemblance to a literary character or real life famous personalities. Jokes and leg-pullings are bound to happen. Besides, the openness in relationship between parents and children is slowly on the decrease. Also, friendships and peer pressures can make or mar a growing child. However, the story reaffirms the faith in the power of true friendship and true love.

Written beautifully, magical realism is brought out in an exquisite manner by Angelika Rust. She has successfully etched characters who are powerful and play their part well. Alice is a show stealer, Amy is the perfect friend in need, Trouble is attractive rogue, Jenny is the appropriate antagonist who is everything that Alice is not.

The story is not all magical in terms of use of mystical creatures et al. Instead, the story is a briliant mix of the real world and the magical realm, thereby making it an interesting read.

P.S- I finished the book in a single sitting.

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