I'm Not Crazy I'm Allergic!


I never knew that the phrase mountain out of mole-hill is really true in case of allergies!!! After reading Sherilyn Powers book, even I realized that I am not crazy I am only allergic.

Sherilyn has penned a self examined theory about how allergies can be overlooked and misconstrued as something else, diagnosed so and thereafter treated for the same. To ensure credibility to it, she has quoted authentic scientific research data as well. Hence, her theory is not far fetched.

As I kept reading, I realized the effect that food and environment can act as allergens that can trigger varied reactions in our bodies, which at times, cannot be quantified or explained. And yes, the explanation, that it is because of allergies that an individual is diagnosed for diseases which he/she is not suffering, may not go down well with established doctors. It is, therefore, a herculean task to explain to doctors to check for allergies and not for diseases as perceived. Of course, doctors should not be doubted when it comes to their diagnosis of illness, but the fact that allergies to have a connection with occurrence of diseases is something that very few doctors understand or pay attention to.

Sherilyn's Julie symbolized all those 'misunderstood' patients whose lives could have changed for the better much earlier if only their allergies had been identified and treated in time.

P.S- I am definitely going to look out for my allergies for symptoms I can't explain.

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