Love And Happiness

Does extramarital affairs and cheating one's spouse guarantee Love and Happiness in a marriage??? Definitely not in my opinion.

This book by Ben Burgess Jr explores betrayals, lies and a total lack of concern for spouse through Karen and Chris. The reader would love to hate Karen, who knowingly cheats on her husband, and empathize with Chris, the devout husband. Their marriage is filled with troubled waters.

The relationship between Chris and Karen epitomizes the modern day couple for whom the institution of marriage is no longer about " We and Us" and is only about "I, Me, Myself". It also shows the detrimental effects that lack of patience and absence of communication have on married couple.

If only the adult content had not been so much of attention as to drive away a reader from an interesting theme. The overdose of lust is definitely a bit of a demotivator for readers who wish to read evolved subjects. A relevant subject has in a way been let down by  too much of mature content.

P.S- I received a copy in exchange of an honest review from Booklover Catlady Publicity. Thanks Maxine.

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