Writing Flash Fiction

As I immerse myself into the world of writing I now discover so many new vistas for creative expression. Carly Berg's guide to Writing Flash Fiction is definitely an eye opener for me.

The guide is simple to understand yet powerful enough to clarify all that an aspiring writer needs to know and appreciate about Flash Fiction. Carly has easily brought out that writing stories upto 1000 words or less is no child's play but definitely worth trying and is easy if you get the basics right. And yes, her sample stories are not just worth reading again and again, they truly depict the effect a flash story can have in today's world.

In case you are an aspiring writer who is out to start from scratch, then this guide is perfect for you to begin exploring the fascinating world of creative writing through Flash Fictions. And in case you are already an author who is willing to explore new genres, try writing Flash Fictions and refer to Carly's guide for the Hows and Whys.

P.S- This book has definitely inspired me to dabble in Flash Fiction Writing.

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