Second Nature

It goes without saying that people take refuge in worlds of fantasy whenever they need a break. it is like second nature.

This book is set in an imaginary world where Queens can control elements of Nature and there are antagonists desirous of disrupting the delicate balance. For a start, the concept is unique. At least I have not read a book based on elements till now. Hence for me, the concept was interesting. The story line can be best understood when the book is read. But trust me, there is a little bit for every reader.

Lauren writes from the heart and at times even heart tends to get repetitive. Notwithstanding that, narrative is simple. It has the right blend of fantasy and reality. The terms are not complicated and lucidly explained. Yes, there is no dearth of imageries. As one reads, the story unfolds like a visual movie. 

The characters are well etched. The protagonist and the antagonist have an enigma associated with them. You will love to love and/ or hate whatever the case may be. Though some characters are well defined in comparison to the others, yet, it does not affect the plot or story line much.

To sum up, the book is worth reading for a unique concept. There is a need for fine tuning but this is the author's first book. The best part about this book is that it promises a sequel. Lauren is a promising author. Her subsequent books are bound to take care of the minor issues.

P.S- In case fantasies are your second nature, then this book is a must read. 

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