Causality: The Crisis In Zelan

If you mesh science fiction with fantasy you would get a story like Causality. The plot is the quintessential good versus evil. However, the treatment meted out to this story is very different.

The plot revolves around an angel on the run who turns saviour on a mortal planet. There are vampires, dragons and black magicians. There is magic and dark humour. But there is also sufficient violence which makes this book not suitable for all ages. In fact its a mix of two genres and one needs to develop a taste for such writing.

Zam has used simple language while describing familiar celestial beings and magical creatures, However, there are a few scenes wherein which the violence and gore was a bit more for me to handle. Yet, even writing about graphic violence is an art and Zam does have the flair to write in this genre. The narration is gripping once it catches up pace after the first ten percent. It is dark and has elements of horror, supernatural and suspense. As said earlier, the story line is very interesting and the imageries it evokes is extremely vivid. Its like watching a mental movie. The descriptions are praiseworthy.

There are many characters who appear and disappear in this story besides the protagonist and other main characters. Yet, they all do form an integral part of the story. Zam aptly brings out the internal conflicts that one tends to undergo when there is a clash between ideologies and principles. Emotions, especially revenge, anger, frustration, hope, salvation are all well brought out through the characters.

To sum up, if you really want to try a new genre that treats the good versus evil battle in a different manner, you should pick up this book. The three stars are based on my personal reading choice, maybe this book is your kind. Do give it a try.Besides, this book is just the beginning of a gripping series.

P.S- Dear Zam, you are a wonderful writer because your writing forced me to read the story till the last page inspite of the violence. I cant handle violence against children. I am sure your next story in the series would be having something for readers like me as well.

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