Hope Betrayed


Hope Betrayed is an excellent book. In fact, I read this book first before I read the first book in the series. And seriously, I do not have anything to complain.

I loved the plot. Caleb had a hope when he had come to Ada, a hope to re-live with his son Warren now revived. However, as the plot progresses and ends with a cliffhanger, this hope definitely gets betrayed. It definitely is not a good feeling when a hope, that has been nourished by the heart, gets betrayed. This part of the series makes you empathize and sympathize with a father whose hopes get thoroughly shattered and he feels betrayed by his own son. In short, the relationship aspect between a parent and his child has been depicted really well.

Godwin has well-etched out characters. Caleb, Telai, Warren, Soren, all have interesting roles to play. This story has few characters you would truly love to hate and a few whom you would love to love.

The author has a great narrative style. Its informative, bringing out facts and historical backgrounds. It has imageries, more of visual and auditory. The language is not too difficult to understand. The story has fantasy and elements of magic in it, but at the same time, it has a tinge of realism to it. And yes, it has its edge-of-the-seat moments as well.

To sum up, book two has intrigued me and  has made me read book one for a better understanding.

P.S- I received this book in exchange on an honest review from Booklover Catlady Publicity. Thank you Maxine.

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