Seeeking Redemption

There are times when one is forced to stand up for what is right, lose a lot in the bargain and attempt to redeem lost favours through whatever means are available. Seeking Redemption is a story which revolves around a similar theme.

The plot of the story is meshed amidst the gamut of corruption, caste-based politics and human values. It talks about reservations and corrupt practises. It brings out how the people who voice the truth become a minority and get targetted. In fact, the author attempts to portray issues relevant to the Indian society with the medico-political fraternity as a backdrop.

As far as characters go, its heartening to find Aman, Abhay and Meera with well-etched personality. The story is narrated through the eyes of Meera. Aman and Abhay are opposites but exceptionally depicted. Meera is a strong-willed yet sensitive individual who stands up for the truth. To be specific, Madhu has got all her characters right.

The narrative is really flowing, however, the use of italics for dialogues and making them a part of a regular paragraph, is distracting and hence resulted in reduction of a star in the rating.

To sum, the book is a very good read. If the few unavoidably visible glitches are overlooked, the book is a narrative that merits a reading.This book appears to promise a sequel. Only the author can tell.
P.S- I received a free copy from Bookr3vi3w Tours in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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