Shanti And The Magic Mandala


There are times when you read a book and it involves you from the very start. Shanti and the Magic Mandala was a similar experience for me.

The book deals with the poignant story of Shanti and her friends. Yes, it may sound childish, but every reading helps develop a different perspective. And I am glad to say I read it twice. In fact, once for myself and second time for my kids. The story is about the quest for the Magic Mandala by six kids. The how and why can be better appreciated when you read it. Hence, even a summary will not do the requred justice to the essence of the book.

This book is a winner. It has already won many awards and accolades. Rightly so, because, the narrative is gripping, continues with no sudden breaks, with each chapter being connected well. The language is simple yet powerful and has the ability to ensure continued attention. Besides, it can be read by the old and the young alike, hence has mass appeal.

What should I say about the characters!!! Its a great concept to have six individuals from six different religions and completely different background join together for a common cause. With the increasing air of religious intolerance, this concept is like  living in utopia. Hats off to Camargo for an awesome theme. Coming to the characters themselves, be it Shanti, Itai, Helena, Antonio, Nasir and Tadao, each one has been well etched with a distinct personality and regional flavour. Even the antagonists have a set characterization that is worth appreciating.

It is a known, but less remembered fact that all religions are different roads leading to the same God. Also, all religions share a common language- language of peace. If only humans understood this fully, there would be no wars, no contempt, no hatred.

To sum up, this book deserves more than one reading. Read it like a child, an adult or an elderly, each role play brings about an entirely different perspective.

P.S - Thank you BookR3vi3w tours for a free copy in exchange of an honest opinion.

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