Poetry And Ponderings

This collection of poetry is a must read for every individual, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, country or religion. I am not a Christian yet I believe in the truth that God takes care of every child.

The collection comprises of poems which encompass the pain and guilt that abuse or negative incidents can have on a person. When one expresses pain, the person lives those painful moments all over again. And trust me, it is not easy to do so. Hats off to Diamante for being so candid.

Diamante's witing is simple yet powerful. Her expressions have a subtle message in every page. In fact, even the use of illustrations on her page conveys her rise as a phoenix. The imageries are powerful and the words empiwer the reader at every step. The poet has ensured that every piece written by her evokes emotions.

This collection is a tribute to all those silent voices who continue to suffer. There is power in every piece, the power to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, to rediscover oneself. It instils courage, it gives hope and above all, it brings about a sense of peace.

To sum up, this is a must-have and must-read collection for all poetry lovers. These powerful pieces would inspire every individual whether he or she has suffered or otherwise. An amazing and excellent anthology that can be read in one sitting but would leave its imprint for a lifetime.

P.S - Thank you Serena and Poetic Book Tours for introducing me to a wonderful poet in exchange for an honest review. The view is my opinion.

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