Novice is the second installment of journal written by Meghan. It is her memoir, the trials and tribulations that she goes through during her growing up years. 

The book has all the essence that a personal journal is to have. It is candid, brutally honest and shows the emotions that Meghan must have gone through at that phase of life. Every individual begins a novice in life. Be it relationships, education, job and the like. This volume deals with her tryst with relationships.

Sometimes, penning down one's thoughts and reading them later definitely helps one to emerge stronger and a better person. This is clearly evident from this journal as well. Meghan has bared a part of her soul and it does take lot of courage to do so. In the process, you end up showing your vulnerable side to the world. Kudos to you Meghan for being able to do so. This volume is darker than the first.

Pain and learning go hand in hand. There are lot of peer pressures to cope up with. The demands of social life, parental expectations, family dynamics, in fact so many associated things. This personal account of the author helps bring out the confusions and confessions that an individual goes through when confronted with toxic relationships.

To sum up, the very fact that Meghan has been able to be brutally honest and shared a part of her own life with the readers is commendable. It requires a lot of courage and pluck to do so. If you can relate to the pain that toxic relationships inflict then  do read this.

P.S- Meghan, your journal made me relive my Novice days as well. Loved your candid writings.

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