Serendipity: David Meredith

I met an amazing author in the virtual world. He is David Meredith. A writer, an educator and a keen learner. He has authored two books with more in the pipeline. Here is a snippet of my rendezvous during a chance meeting with him.

RW: Hello David, welcome to Reading Writings and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. What description will fit you in real life? We would love to know more about you.
DM:  I am an American writer and educator living in the Nashville Area and just finished my Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership.

RW: Wow! So you can be referred as Dr. David. Congratulations. It sounds amazing. So, how does it feel to be a published author? 
DM: Very busy. To do it right you have to spend HOURS working at the marketing. It's also very fulfilling, especially when someone really likes your work and I suppose that is what keeps me doing it.

RW: What does the writing place of David, the busy author, look like?
DM: I work mostly on my laptop, so my writing space is anytime or anywhere I happen to find a free moment. It could be in my office, at the park, in a coffee shop, or even in my car (parked of course).

RW: Which fictional character created by you is closest to your heart and why?
DM: It's actually a character in a series I have not released yet. Her name is Naomi and she is the daughter of a Japanese feudal baron in a quasi-Japanese fantasy world. I wrote most of her story in Japan, and still look back on that time fondly. I still hope to release the series someday, when I'm completely happy with it.

RW:  In that case I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping to read Naomi's story. Well, what, according to you, are your strengths and weaknesses as an author? 
DM:   I have been told that my greatest strength is in writing dialog that feels natural. My weakness tends to be using too much detail or redundancy and I've been working hard at making my writing more succinct.

RW: That was an absolutely honest answer. And trust me, there are a handful who truly accept their flaws and work upon them. Tell me about your latest book. Where can we buy it?
DM:   "Aaru" is now available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback. Grab your copy today and don't forget to support your friendly neighborhood author by liking my FB writing page, sharing the release post, and maybe even writing a review on Amazon or Goodreads!


RW:  Yes, dear readers every single review matters to an author and trust me, the book is amazing. It has inspired me. And you will find my review here. Now talking of inspiration, who and/or what inspires you the most and why?
DM:    Many things. I often feel inspired by watching really good movies or reading a well done novel, but mostly my inspiration comes from things "real". What I mean by that is real-life events or just really authentic emotion. I want my writing to make people feel something, so getting the emotion right is extremely important to me.

RW: Getting the emotions right is one of the high points of your writing. What all do you do when you are not writing? What are your hobbies, your interests?
DM: Mostly work. I just finished my doctoral program, which had been eating up tons of my time, so now I may actually get to think about what to replace it with.

RW: Your statement makes me remember a famous line from Tom Sawyer when work becomes play then it is no longer work". Which writing project are you currently working on?
DM:   I just finished Aaru, so that has been my focus recently. I am over 100 pages into the sequal however. I'm hoping to release "Aaru: Halls of Hel" sometime in the next year to 18 months.

RW: So I really have something to look forward to in the next year. Tell me, if you could re-write one Fiction/Non-Fiction written by another author, which would it be and why?
DM:  Eragon. I HATE that book. The writing is terrible and got do with a heavy handed rewrite. :)

RW: Thank you so much David for patiently answering my questions. Wishing you all the very best for all your writings. 

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