Ideas And Inspiration For Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers

When I started reading the book, I went back to the blurb provided to me. I was told that the book is a collection of articles that could trigger ideas.

The collection contains various topics that can be used for Sci Fi books and fantasy stories. Hence, the book attempts to deliver what it claims. But sadly, there is no introduction or a precursor to what to expect and the like. Thus, jumping straight into the content was like diving into unknown waters.

James has made concerted efforts in compiling the articles and kudos to him for doing so. The only thing I felt that could gave improved the writings were a personal touch or giving examples. There were facts, there were folklores. Yet, I felt something was amiss. Maybe, with a sentence or two in first person the reader would have felt like returning back to the article. Also, a bit of change in the writing style would have succeeded in creating better mental imageries. This would have led to topics becoming better and effective inspirational triggers. Otherwise, the language used is simple and can be easily comprehended.

One high point of the collection is that various interesting topics have been touched upon. The book could have been a wonderful source for Sci Fi and Fantasy writers suffering from a writer's block or seeking ideas and inspirations. However, the narration may act as a bit of a deterrent. A bit more tweaking could have converted this non-fiction into a more interesting read.

To sum up, the book is readable at least once for the efforts that the author has invested in compiling the articles. The collection is good enough to be flipped through at least once by writers wanting to write a science fiction or fantasy story.

P.S - Thank you James for sharing your collection of articles with me. I am sure as a writer you appreciate an honest opinion. Looking forward to your next which would definitely be better.

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