Bravo And Elphie

This is the second book I read by the mother-daughter duo. Trust me when I say, they are an awesome team, capable of weaving magic.

This story revolves around a baby elephant named Elphie. Through this picture book Hagit subtly brings out a child's fear of the unknown or less known facts and how overcoming them is important. The story is about friendship, responsibility, overcoming fear and childhood.

Narrated in third person, Hagit uses simpld language in her story. The bright illustrations act as a still picture. And together with the storyline I really felt I was watching an episode of Elphie the Elephant on my mind's television.

Elphie is a lovable baby elephant. And similarly, all the other characters in this picture book play an important role in the narration. The best part is that the number of characters are minimal. So it is very easy for a listening toddler to comprehend what iis happening in the story.

To sum up, I recommend this picture book to every mother who narrates a story to her child and is quickly running out of good children's books. Yet another must read by Hagit.

P.S - An awesome and loveable story by Hagit with beautiful illustrations by Or. Elphie and Bravo will take even the kid inside every adult back to his or her childhood. I sure did travel back. What about you?

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