This is the third installment of Meghan's Journals. If I compare this to the previous two, I have to say that this is a more improved version.

This journal is about a young Meghan from the 21st century.  It is more positive than the second installment and more mature than the first book. This segment deals with search for identity and life choices.

Meghan's style of writing has matured and she has opened up her heart without inhibitions. There are no hitches in her expression and the flow of narration is smooth. Language is lucid and this time a lot of aural imageries got added on to the visuals. This installment would make a wonderful audiobook.

It is not easy to pour one's innermost feelings to strangers. Hence, sharing personal account in the form of a journal is a tough decision for a writer. Hats off to Meghan for giving a candid account of pieces of her life.

To sum up, if you are a journal writer or wish to start one, then this is the perfect book to read. This journal has succeeded in touching a chord in my heart and is a must-read. I could empathise with Meghan as she travels inwards in search of her identity. In fact we all do so in our lives. An amazing and excellent account of life.

P.S - The third installment is so amazing, I cant wait to read the fourth. Thank you Meghan for an awesome book. The views expressed are my own. 

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