The Buried Symbol

The beginning needs to be powerful enough to leave you wanting more. I must admit this story not only made me sit through the night in order to finish, it has left me keenly waiting for the next book.

This volume begins a series of what I feel is going to be an amazing story. The plot is based on the concept of Chosen ones and the Unchosen ones. In a fantasy world Ministry makes use of runes to determine the life path of children. The Unchosen ones are those who are considered to be at the lowest rung socially. Sounds confusing? Actually, its really simple but I am afraid I will end up with spoilers if I get into details. Trust me, you need to read this beginning volume to get hooked on to it like me.

Jeffrey is a master storyteller. It is not easy to introduce the characters, the story per se and at the same time inject the right amount of curiosity and intrigue. And he did just that. There were no confusions, no breaks. In fact the flow of the storyline was so smooth that I had to pinch myself to realise that part one is actually over. The language is simple. It has elements of magic and associated terms that are easy to understand. Is the writing akin to JK Rowling? Is the story similar to Harry Potter? Well, no. Jeffrey's writing style is as unique as JK Rowling and the story is absolutely different. In any case it is unfair to draw parallels where none exist. Reading the story made me wish I get to see it as a 'Big Motion Picture' soon. The imageries created out of the descriptions were as powerful as the storyline.

The characters are really well etched. The protagonists are clearly identifiable and every character in the story has a significant part to play. Though the story is a fantasy, yet the emotions exhibited by the characters are real. They have their flaws and their strengths and thats what makes it a unique story.

To sum up, this story is a must read if you are not hooked to the fantasy genre yet. If the beginning is so good, I am sure the rest is going to be better. An excellently penned amazing story.

P.S - Thank you Jeffrey for an amazing story. The review is my honest opinion after I read the book.  I have joined the hunt for the buried symbol. What about you???

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