The Prophesy

Some books have the power to keep you awake till you have finished reading the story. This story was so compelling that I read it in one single session.

The plot revolves around a prophesy. Yes, it is an out and out fantasy story. Trust me when I say, even if I describe in detail I will not be doing justice to it. The best part about this story is that there are no witches or wizards, no sorcery and magic, and still the storyline succeeds in taking the reader through realms of fantasy land. This book seems to be just the beginning of an adventure you would love to embark on.

The language is simple and narration style has a smooth flow. Storyline is devoid of breaks. Certain elements introduced at various points succeed in creating a magical aura of suspense. It makes you want to know what is next. The imageries that every scene generates is like a movie. This story has all the requirements to be a blockbuster motion picture. Erin is a writer to watch out.

There are varied characters in the story. Inspite of that the protagonists are well defined. More than anything else, every character has a key role to play in the narration. There is a cliffhanger in the end (I hope I am right!). Hence I am hoping to read more about these characters.

To sum up, the story has every element tgat is needed to shape a success story. This book takes the reader on a fantasy journey tha is filled with emotions. There is drama, romance, suspense, pain. You name an emotion and it is there in some format or the other. It is a definite must read.

P. S- Thank you Deek Rhew for an awsome book. Loved reading every bit of it and really looking forward to reading more in this genre.

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