Like A Closed Fist

It was the blurb that attracted me to the book in the first place. As I kept reading I finally ended up with mixed emotions.

The plot is about the ups and downs in the life, or rather love life, of a girl called Phoebe. The story is about her pent up emotions as she searches for a man who would understand her. She bottles up her pain, her feelings, her disappointments, like a closed fist.

Nolan has a conversational style of writing. As you keep reading it gives a feeling that you are a silent spectator to an ongoing conversation. There were a few scenes that helped conjure up imageries but that was it. There is mature content, graphic details and bit of swearing.

The story is all about Phoebe. Yet, I felt there could have been more details about her. Like why she behaved the way she did. What was wrong with her Past? A bit more elaboration would have made it better. The other supporting characters could have been given a bit more emphasis. This is my personal opinion.

To sum, the story could have turned out to be the trials and tribulations of a female protagonist in her search for true love. Sadly, the emotions it evoked were random and in spurts. Read it at least once if you like the new adult genre of romance stories.

P.S- Thank you dear writer for your story. I hope there is a sequel to this story. Maybe, with age Phoebe would mature and finally find love. Keeping my fingers crossed in a life that like a closed fist!

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