I have been reading the journals by Meghan. This is the fourth one and has been written in the 21st century.

This time, I could feel the pain, the frustration that Meghan was going through as she wrote this journal. The journal gives a peek into the personal life of the writer. I musr admit, it takes immense courage to bare one's inner feelings to strangers.

Meghan writes straight from her heart. If she is unhappy she expresses it. If she finds chaos within she describes it. Her writing is honest. She uses simple language that is easy to understand. Her narration is easy to identify with. I mean, as you read there are portions that give you a sense of deja vu, like 'been there felt that' kind.

I don't know if the people she talks about exist in real life or not. However, every single person she has talked about are the kinds who exist in reality. That apart, if the Meghan whose journal I have been reading is really the kind I have got to know, then I must admit, she is somebody I would like to meet in person.

To sum up, read this journal not because it is being strongly recommended. Instead, read it because it is amazingly honest and excellently eloquent. Yes, reading this segment did take me elsewhere, into the world of a young girl. A definite must read.

P.S - Meghan loved your writing. This review is my honest opinion after reading. Looking forward to more such candid expressions.

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