Running Man

Read this after I read Going Back. I couldn't help but compare the two. Sometimes, it happens, especially after you read an amazing story and want to read further.

Running Man is about Giorgia or Gigi. Rather the plot revolves around her. Thats where I wished Jennifer had concentrated more. The main plot got enmeshed with many sub-plots and this became a major flip side for an otherwise amazing story.

Jennifer's writing style is easy to comprehend. It brings in a fresh romantic story to the Lake Garda series. The only downside is that the love story gets over-powered by many other emotions. To simplify, the narration beautifully captures raw emotions of love, apprehensions and guilt. Yet, I felt that this simple but amazing love story needed more attention. Notwithstanding this fact, whenever Jennifer focused on the two lovers, their rendezvous was really sweet.

The main protagonists in this story are real people with real emotions. Inspite of being caught in a web of tangled family relationships they do manage to appeal.

To sum up, this story is really likeable and worth reading. The running man and his girl will definitely make you fall in love with love again. The best part is that the book can be read in isolation. It means, it is part of a series but is not a kind of continuation. So, as a reader it gives the flexibility to choose whichever one appeals first. However, sequential reading gives better insight about characters. In any case, it is a win-win situation for the reader.

P. S - Thank you Jennifer. This story is really likeable. Finally looking forward to reading the first one. This review is my honest opinion after reading the story.

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