The Book Before Revelations

I must admit this book was a revelation for me. It introduced me to an author who has the power to captivate his readers with his writings and a genre I had never explored. Daniel's story is totally engrossing; you will be compelled to finish it once you start reading.

The plot revolves around few concepts from Christianity. Yet, this religious fiction neither preaches in favour of a particular religion nor does it speak ill of any religion. Therefore, this is a story that can be read by anybidy irrespective of his or her religious beliefs and background. Besides, the concept of Heaven, Hell and Earth exists in all religions in some form or the other, as in Swarg Lok and Paatal Lok or Nark in Hinduism.

Daniel has a flair for conjuring imageries. This story is filled with scenes that create a mental movie. In fact, the narrative is so expressive that it has the ability to get converted into a full feature film like the epic movies being made by Hollywood. The twists and turns are at the right pages and in the right amount. There is a constant element of surprise throughout the story. Though there are a few grammatical errors, the storyline will force you to overlook.

The story has characters who emote, express and act for the good or for the bad. They have their perfections and flaws. Simply put, Daniel succeeds in making you believe that since it is souls of people like us in heaven, they are similar to us as well.

To sum up, though the storyline is captivating from start to finish, however, it is the end that will keep you wanting more. Yes, the story is worth reading and reading and reading.

P.S - Daniel is an author to watch out for due to his powerful writing. Thank you Daniel for getting me interested in a whole new genre of fiction.

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