Corruption Of Power

Power corrupts, but having to cope up amidst corruption of power, is definitely not a happy place to be in.

Corruption of Power is the second book in the Leskin series. I haven't read the first one, but now, would definitely look it up. The plot is interesting. It is an out and out political thriller set in Russia.
The story addresses the impact of corruption and corrupt practises on political aspirations. It talks of oligarchs and privatization practices. George has ensured that the facts highlighted are right and hence, has used his experiences aptly in this fictional narration.

George has a way with words. Though initially, it may take a while to get used to the names and terms, yet, the story doesnt lose its flavour. He brings out the factors affecting the present political scenario in Europe and Asia, but in a manner that does not hurt anybody's sentiments. He has also subtly hinted at how the world might change in the future thanks to depleting resources. And yes, as citizens of the world, we all have a major role to play towards conservation of resources and adoption of anti-corrupt practices.

Alex Leskin is not the perfect protagonist. He has his flaws and personal issues. Yet, he is one character you would not want to forget. And yes, it is Leskin who has made me want to read more about him. There are other characters as well and each of them have an important part to play with regards to the development of the story. You have to read it in order to appreciate it.

To sum up, the story is a gripping tale of grit and action amidst corruption and instability. It is a must read in case you are interested in geopolitics.

P.S - George, this book opened up a whole new genre for me. Will definitely read your first book and I hope more are there to come!!!

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