The story is exactly as the title suggests. Wick in a candle burns till the very end; it cannot do justice to its job unless there is enough wax to support it.

The plot is definitely something to lookout for. It is interesting, confusing, futuristic, multidimensional, in fact, it encompasses anything and everything that you can think of. The story begins with lot of confusions. As one progresses reading, it becomes  clear that the confusion was in reality a well-thought of plan to keep the reader engaged. Besides, the storyline has universal appeal. There is a little bit of many genres for readers.

Matt definitely has a unique style of writing. Each point of view  presented is distinct and apt for that particular character. His sense of humour is evident from the smiles that will form up on your face as  you read on! The narration is a bit complex, and hence,it results in forming of confusions. But then, that is what differentiates Matt as a writer from other writers. Yes, there are a few grammatical errors, yet, the captivating plot makes up for these mistakes. The descriptions are vivid and after some time, it really feels like being a part of the story on a wider canvas.

There are many characters. And, I must admit, this book gives due opportunity to all its characters and ensures due dignity of each of them. Simply put, Matt has  attempted to encourage tolerance towards  one another irrespective of caste, creed, religion, language, gender etc. The message of respecting other people for their good qualities and not making them a target for ridicule, is loud and clear. If only all humans adhered to it!!! All the characters have distinct personality  traits. Matt has truly done justice to all his characters.

To sum up, this book is worth reading for the plot, the characters and the fact that it has a bit of everything for every reader.

P.S  - The cliffhanger promises a  sequel. Am looking forward  to it Matt!!!

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